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facing reality

Insanitybytes gives some food for thought when she challenges our perceptions of reality in her latest post. I think she’s correct to state that “in an instant, your entire perception of reality can change”. 198 more words


If it Fits You...

… then nothing else matters.

Who told you that finance is a one-size-fits-all game?

Actually, the truth is very far away.

Truth is truth.

It doesn’t matter how much you twist it, or bury it or whatever. 121 more words


the daily quote...

“You should have a fear of some things. That doesn’t mean it incapacitates you from your ability to figure out a way to deal with it.“ – Chris Hadfield


Happy 55th b-day!

Common Sense


Imagination: n. creatively thinking and visualizing in the mind

If we think and visualize and come up with new ideas or visual images which we then may record if we wish then we are using our imagination. 136 more words

Common Sense



Appearance: n. visually impacting from a subset(s) for duration

Nothing is more potent at increasing selfconfidence than a good physical appearance and nothing is more depressing than feeling that you don’t look good and there seems to be nothing which you can do about it. 316 more words

Common Sense

   “Having a low opinion of yourself is not ‘modesty.’ It’s self-destruction. Holding your uniqueness in high regard is not ‘egotism.’ It’s a necessary precondition to happiness and success.”

― Bobbe Sommer


Happy birthday Ganesha :)

There are many stories of Lord Ganesha, but one particularly stands out for me. The story goes that the Devas (Gods) talked about the qualities of the brothers, Ganesha and Karthik and a doubt arose in the mind of one of them, “Who is the wiser of the two brothers, Ganesh or Karthik?”. 477 more words

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