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Attack Of The Smartphone Zombies! A lack of situational awareness can get you killed #SmartPhones #SituationalAwareness #zombies #Survival

This is vitally important….we need to be aware of what is going on around us a lot more than we are.  I am guilty of this “smartphone zombiefacation” as well.   1,096 more words


Quote of the Night #44

I would rather carry around a plastic bag with five thousand Euro inside, than carry around a Louis Vuitton/Gucci/Prada bag with only one hundred Euro inside!

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Common Sense ...

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything here. Good news is that I made my deadline and now have to play the waiting game … I hate waiting. 697 more words

The World We Live In And Life In General ...

Common Sense is Sometimes Uncommon

The image below was in a tweet from astronaut Chris Hadfield
‏@Cmdr_Hadfield: Sometimes it’s good to look closely at a rule and make sure it makes sense.


In nature species have sex because they want to reproduce healthy specimens or offspring for the next generation. It is only dysfunctional western cultural propaganda and the big business sex industry which promotes the idea that sex can be for pleasure only and reproduction need not enter the picture in a sexual union. 319 more words

Common Sense

Asleep on a Bench: The Homeless Among Us

I have started noticing something a little unnerving as I go about my building to clean. I have started noticing a vast amount of university students out cold on a bench. 673 more words

Best Invention Ever

There are so many inventions I am grateful for. The crockpot is just one of them. Seriously, what is better than walking inside your house and being tantalized by the wonderful smell of dinner that is waiting to be eaten inside your beloved crockpot? 38 more words