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A Letter from William Childs

The following post by guest author Dan Welch is one of a series of posts that will chronicle a Union surgeon’s letters leading up to the end of the Civil War, 150 years later. 1,114 more words

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Never Mind the Helmet, Here Comes the Cavalry!

The riding helmet was small for me, so it looked like black puffball mushroom on my head. It was good enough for my purposes, though. I would be taking a couple horseback laps around an indoor ring, going only at a walk. 979 more words

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Sketches from the Shenandoah: Union Hospital in Middletown

James Taylor captured the aftermath of the Battle of Cedar Creek in this sketch. Here, Union surgeons operate on the wounded in Middletown.

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Sketches from the Shenandoah: Sheridan's Rally

James Taylor’s was one of many nineteenth century drawings of Philip Sheridan rallying his men on the battlefield of Cedar Creek.

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Sketches from the Shenandoah: The Wounding of Charles Russell Lowell

At the Battle of Cedar Creek, James Taylor captured the mortal wounding of Colonel Charles Russell Lowell. Lowell hailed from Boston and was a member of one of New England’s most distinguished families. 129 more words

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The Evolution of Cavalry Tactics: How Technology Drove Change

Part two in a series.

In the first part of this series, we learned Napoleon Bonaparte’s theories about the use of cavalry in the field. Those tactics relied on the short range of the long arms of the infantry and the smoothbore artillery. 1,846 more words


How a Man Feels in Battle

“How a man feels when in battle is a question that our volunteers have doubtless frequently asked themselves,” wrote a columnist for the Philadelphia North American… 1,581 more words

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