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Natterjack Toad: Distribution and conservation.

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On this blog I have been researching and writing about the Natterjack Toad for the past month or so. Today I’ll be talking about where they are found and what conservation measures are being done to stop their decline. 300 more words


A Success Story!

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I came across this video a few weeks back and meant to share it. It’s worth a watch as it has some interesting facts also its nice to see an example of a successful re-introduction. 18 more words


The difference between a Natterjack Toad and a Common Toad.

I’ve briefly touched on some of the differences between the two species but here is a diagram I created for a research seminar. The image shows a overview of the key physical features but I will talk more about these along with behavioral characteristics in the future.


Common Indian Toad

Toad Name Indian Toad Scientific Name Duttaphrynus Melanostictus Common Name Asian common toad, Asian toad,
black-spectacled toad, Indian toad, 35 more words

Little toad, big toad

So small but already displaying all the features of an adult. Credit: Yalakom

This is a German specimen of the Common Toad. Credit: Yalakom

A young common toad born this past spring in my garden’s small pond where the species has been spawning for over two decades. 58 more words

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