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MC Lyte Ft. Common - 'Dear John' Video

Nobody wants heavy-handed preaching, but many do want a different taste of rap that sticks to your bones. A little substance to balance out the sounds made by songs that only offer materialism and misogyny behavior as rap’s main aims. 229 more words


E-Book of Rhymes 5: Rap Goes Mainstream 1993-1999: "I Used to Love H.E.R. - Common"

Now periodically I would see
Ol’ girl at the clubs, and at the house parties
She didn’t have a body, but she started gettin’ thick quick…

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Famous Hip Hop Diss Records (Part 2)

Eminem – Nail In The Coffin
Eminem and Boston rapper Benzino have had a long running feud. “Nail In The Coffin” is one of the most vitriolic. 29 more words



Move into a place of uncomfortableness and that feeling of new beginnings and dreams conquered will soon become an old feeling of historical existence.

Wear cloth that is unpleasant and the disturbing wear and flow will soon be natural. 33 more words



These are very common questions from our clients that are in the process of either starting their company or looking for advice on share(s), structure, and compensation in equity.

NEW MUSIC: MC Lyte and Common - "Dear John"

MC Lyte and Common have teamed up for the new track called “Dear John.” The anthem is made for #EducateOURMen, which is a scholarship initiative for MC Lyte’s Hip-Hop Sisters Foundation. 39 more words


MC Lyte ft. Common & 10 Beats – “Dear John” [VIDEO]

MC Lyte‘s performance on the BET Awards was more than just a welcome back showing. The Brooklyn MC will be dropping a new album very soon. 78 more words