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Reaching In God's love.

The heart skips a beat in happiness. What makes me passionate about the love of the Father is His is love and grace for us His children. 215 more words

How to legalize marijuana

Politicians get paid to do the bidding of big business. We vote based on the old divide and conquer trick. I am pro choice, I am pro gun, I am pro immigrants, I am pro this or that tiny thing so I am against the other side. 227 more words



I have been here in Montreal for nearly 2 weeks. It’s probably the coolest city in Canada. Granted, my experience of Canadian cities is limited to Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary, but I’m going to call it cooler still. 310 more words

Parlez-vous anglais ?

Oh my gosh. I arrived in Montreal a week ago and I’m just trying to get my bearings. This is such an amazing city! For the most part people speak English, but that is also just something people say when they actually know French and forget that it must be hard all the times people actually don’t speak English. 216 more words