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The chords of unity – a musical counterpoint to Muzaffarnagar

Chennai. Anil Srinivasan and Sharik Hasan are two musicians with different styles. They play the same instrument.

They hail from different faiths. They belong to the same country. 640 more words


Hindu Muslim Unity: Muslims keep Ganesh festival alive

MAHARASHTRA: In 1893, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, then a 37-year-old journalist, took a momentous step to popularise the worship of Ganesh, using it as a powerful tool in the battle against the British Raj,. 191 more words

Communal Harmony

5 Reasons why you will be a Hater all your life - The Psychology of Fanaticism.

If you have ever tried to reason with a hardcore fanatic, you would have noticed what I did.  Even if you prove to him that his “facts” are either untrue or grossly exaggerated, he would coolly look the other way and continue with his allegations. 816 more words

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It's a sin to fall in love

They say love is blind but if you happen to live in Uttar Pradesh than keep your eye wide open and your heart under control. According to the RSS new dictats you are not allowed to fall in love with whomever you want, but it has to be someone of their choice. 185 more words