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16th April, 2014. By Harper Cowan :

We wake up on the beach in North Carolina. The resident peacock has finally quieted down and our impossible to start barbeque has turned to smoldering ash. 332 more words

Harper Cowan

El artista NILS NORMAN, acerca de la utopía y el jardín

Utopia – It’s here, if not now

Nils Norman

The word ‘paradise’ comes down to us from the fourth-century Iranian word ‘pairidaeza’, denoting a surrounding (pairi) wall made of a sticky mass (dae- za) like clay or dough – a walled enclosure: the royal parks, military enclaves, menageries and gardens of ancient cities. 2,145 more words

Living Energy Farm

13th April, 2014.

By Harper Cowan:

The first one was hard. It’s hard to film people and it’s hard to get started. It’s hard to ask them to stand still. 249 more words

Harper Cowan

Waiting to be Born into the World

8th April, 2014

Extract from a soon-to-appear article on http://www.theideasarcade.com

Now I’m down in New York City, repacking my rucksack again. Tomorrow I leave Brooklyn’s car horns, beanies, hershel backpacks, and $10 smoothies. 396 more words

Harper Cowan

Review of Chasing Prophecy by James Moser

Chasing Prophecy by James Moser
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It took me a little while to get into the story. At first, it didn’t appear to be going anywhere and I thought I had made a mistake reading a YA book. 198 more words


Building the basics - I just need a ride to the hospital...

When you think about healthcare in a developing country you probably imagine pretty rudimentary equipment, long waits, questionable doctors, and lots of other challenges that might put your health at risk. 949 more words


Schoenridge Sanctuary Cooperative, Missouri

“When we came here a quarter of a century ago we bought 80 acres and a caved in house. We raised the little German cottage from the dead, and began to build our dream of raising rare breeds of livestock that are on the endangered list. 257 more words