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New Story - Yeast

“Hello Doctor, how are you feeling?”

“Under employed,” I said flatly.

This was Winona, my outplacement co-worker at UC San Francisco Medical Center. We were on a phone call. 172 more words


Lessons in diplomacy

Hello friends,

How’s life in your neck of the world? I guess it’s day five of my walkabout. I’ve picked up a new story or two to tell you, but I promised I’d tell you about my rides into Philly. 683 more words

Self or Society: A Fissure in Transcendentalist Thought

At the conclusion of the last post, I suggested comparisons between Joseph Smith and Transcendentalist thought were too often tied to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson, of course, became the standard bearer of this new philosophy in the mid-19th century. 753 more words

Commune-Hopping: the countdown begins

It’s official. My journey to visit intentional communities will begin in 1.5 months.

I’ll be visiting Acorn Community in October and Twin Oaks in November. I’m also looking into… 357 more words


Leaving Mainstream to Join a Commune?

I’ve come to the conclusion (as I often do) that some things boil down to choice. Is life falling apart, or is it opening up? Maybe sometimes it’s a little of both. 502 more words


The Brat and The Beet

My family loves beets — or, as Gill now calls it after being brainwashed by the Brits, ‘beetroot’. It is one thing she often requests when she comes home.   687 more words


Maslow's Triangle On the Commune

I was about 25 when I started to realize
and researched communes of the 60s
and 70s, hoping I could do something… 311 more words