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Quick tip: Always establish a priority level

Always establish a priority level when you assign new work to employees. That allows staff to schedule their tasks over a reasonable amount of time, rather than trying to rush and get everything done at once.


Potential for confusion: expression and intent

Message received is often not message sent: the potential for confusion is significant. In fact, getting your message across is a significant challenge through any channel. 222 more words

Social Age

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If 'digital' was an image

Further to my last post, if someone were to ask me what ‘digital’ “looks like”, I’d show them this.

Make sure you open the image in a new tab. 25 more words


The Clowns Around Us.

Yesterday I was once again made aware of how the clowns amongst us essentially avoid conflict. When something other than gladness or joy is expressed, like fear, hurt or anger, the clown is quick to tell a joke or make a winsome remark. 35 more words


50 Shades of Grey

It’s out, well the trailer that is. I bet it’s going to be one of those films everyone will see regardless if they liked the books or not.


Prosody: Loud Voice, Fast Voice, Soft Voice, Flat Voice

Things people have said to me:

Dog training instructor: “Get excited! Look happier! Make your voice happy! You have to sound HAPPEEEEE! If you don’t sound HAAPPPPEEEEE!!! 1,076 more words


Jealousy (or lack of?) in long distance relationship

This is a strange, but common one… I know several of my girlfriends who want their boyfriend to be a bit more jealous as it makes them feel more appreciated. 149 more words