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Quantifying a Good-to-Bad Message Ratio

Recent Twitter exchanges following an early November comment about the need to over-communicate to overcome bad messages has suggested two further observations. One: Twitter may be a great method of fast and interesting exchanges, but 140-character messages are probably not the best means of explaining or qualifying complex research-based observations. 1,242 more words

Crisis Communication

Dialogues: Complaints

For those little dead moments of the day, like when you are waiting for something/someone, when you can think of this.

Just a reminder: use the listening activity I designed along with the recording Miguel provided to practice fluency and accuracy with the useful language we collected. 53 more words

Getting Organized

Communication strategies - 'ELF priorities' post 3 of 3

This is the last in a series of posts looking at three areas of pronunciation which we’ve found ourselves working on time and again with different classes. 545 more words


An aging introvert learns how to talk.

Yesterday, I made a conversational gaffe with my housemate. I realized it right after the words came out of my mouth. When I lived alone, I used to make these gaffes all the time when I talked with friends, but because I didn’t live with them I let the gaffes go, thinking it wasn’t that important. 625 more words


Understanding and Coping With Change

(Note: This is a re-edited version of an article Mayr posted on LinkedIn).

We live in exhilarating times. Western civilization is witnessing the greatest changes everywhere since the Industrial Revolution. 1,362 more words


Internal Communication Revisited

(Note: This is a re-edited version of an article Mayr posted on LinkedIn).

In a business arena the key to effective communication is in recognizing your target audience. 370 more words

Organizational Management