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Use concluding words to state your main point.

When you are writing a document to persuade your reader about an idea, you present your supporting ideas or evidence leading up to the main point. 238 more words


Vacation Week 2: Wednesday's Treat

Feeling Peace

As a pioneer in the field of positive psychology, Dr. Deepak Chopra (2014) suggests that mindful practices can connect us to an aspect of our joy that expresses itself as inner peace. 179 more words

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Vacation Week 2: Tuesday's Treat

Feeling Inspired

The strategists at the Chopra Foundation believe through the practice of meditation, we are able to connect with our inner being, the source of all inspiration, creativity, insight and joy. 174 more words

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Vacation Week 2: Monday's Treat

Happiness is Our True Nature

Dr. Deepak Chopra (2014) postulates that we are used to thinking of happiness as a pursuit or the emotion we feel once we achieve our goals. 136 more words

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Tuesday's Vacation Week Treat

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Dr. Smita Malhorta, M.D. Suggests In every Tough Situation Try Kindness First

“People may make ugly comments. The airline may lose your bags. 261 more words
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Techniques for Practicing Mindful Awareness

Many people are under the impression that they don’t have time to practice mindfulness. They feel their day is already so full that they are too busy to fit anything else in. 512 more words

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Mindfulness: A Closer Look

Have you ever heard someone describe people that act without thinking as “being asleep at the wheel?” This is one way to identify individuals that are not mindful of their behavior or actions. 634 more words

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