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Media Magic’s Holiday Giveaway continues! For today’s giveaway special, we are offering complimentary copies of one of our most popular titles: Breaching Communication Barriers! Readers have been enjoying this volume because it not only takes a closer look at why effective communication is an important tool for leaders in organizational management, it also reveals how it can help us in our personal lives. 118 more words

Organizational Management

Managing Fear in Public Speaking

Btw, today someone mixed up “stressful” and “stressed (out)” and … (forgot)

Language Matters

Communication Skills of Top Performers

In a business arena, the key to transmitting information effectively lies in recognizing the target audience. In his book, Management Communication, Donald Baack (2012) contends that in addition to identifying the receiver, the communicator must also comprehend and implement the correct protocol in addressing each staff member whether of elite status or in a supporting role. 451 more words

Organizational Management

You're Creepy, Dude: The Importance of Context

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business and perhaps getting all philosophical in your thoughts. Suddenly a guy stands in your way and says, “I’m now following you,” then proceeds to stick stars on you as you walk, occasionally repeating things you’re saying. 214 more words

Make Conversation Easier this Holiday Season

As I was sitting in the chair getting my haircut last week, we began conversing about hearing aids and hearing loss.  My stylist was shocked to know that even with hearing aids, it can still be difficult to hear and understand at times.   452 more words


2 Communication Lessons We Can Learn from Cats

(c) Mays Toledo

Many people think of cats as detached creatures who care more about food and sleep than about their humans. While media hail dogs as humanity’s best friends and loyal sidekicks, they depict cats as evil masterminds out to destroy every human on earth… 737 more words

Quantifying a Good-to-Bad Message Ratio

Recent Twitter exchanges following an early November comment about the need to over-communicate to overcome bad messages has suggested two further observations. One: Twitter may be a great method of fast and interesting exchanges, but 140-character messages are probably not the best means of explaining or qualifying complex research-based observations. 1,242 more words

Crisis Communication