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Advertising primarily exist because we want to feel like a better person, not necessarily be one. We’re basically too lazy and prefer to avoid the work and responsibility involved of becoming a better person.


Help me find a product.

Advertising doesn’t help products find audiences but help audiences find products.


Technology Tools and Communication Management

If you are excited about the release of the new iPhone 6 you are in a unique group of consumers, who like me, geek-out at upgraded gadgets! 524 more words

Organizational Management

Manga Mandate: Turning a Cultural Organization's Constitution into Comics

The UPM-OMAKE Tambayan (Quarters) | Photo by Malory Columbretis

Every organization has a set of rules to guide its members’ actions. You may have read a memo on proper conduct in an office, or have realized through interaction with other members how you should behave during your church’s services. 1,094 more words

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Delayed communications?

What happens when you find a sealed envelope addressed to a friend written YEARS ago–and you KNOW this because you haven’t had that same stationary in YEARS!?   230 more words

Breaching Communication Barriers Accelerated Learning

In this title, Mayr’s graduate research work from Ashford University will help the listener understand the value of effective communication. She takes a closer look at why it is an important tool for leaders in organizational management and how it can also help establish more meaningful relationships in our personal lives. 186 more words

Organizational Management