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How to spot a genius at work.

To spot a genius where you work just ask yourself who’s really a pain in the ass to work with. If you know someone, there’s a 99.99% chance it’s just a regular asshole and about a 0.01% chance it’s who you’re looking for.


Planning is not dead. Man.

Some say that planning is dead because we can test and learn from concepts in advertising in a more agile way today than ever before. That might be true, however we can’t deny that planning narrows the list of concepts we have to test a hell of a lot.


Why We Have Adblockers

We’d be lying if we say we’ve never been annoyed by ads, online or not. On the Internet, they usually come in the form of… 1,272 more words


Only make promises you know you can keep. Breaking a promise undermines your customers’ or your employees’ trust in you and damages your relationship with them. 13 more words

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Transmitting Persuasive Messages

The main objective of a persuasive argument is a successful outcome. In his book, Organizational Behavior, Donald Baack suggests that persuasion is used to urge, influence, or convince an individual(s) thoughts or actions.  519 more words

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Effective Use of Visual Aids

This week our discussion has been focused on the importance of writing and presenting company reports. Typically these are developed to help a firm monitor their systems, programs, and provide insights if a particular area of the organization is not functioning at its maximum potential. 436 more words

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TIP OF THE WEEK - Oct. 9, 2014

Don’t treat your smaller customers like second class citizens. You never know where the lead for your next big customer is coming from. Your smallest customer could refer your biggest customer ever.

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