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Techniques for Practicing Mindful Awareness

Many people are under the impression that they don’t have time to practice mindfulness. They feel their day is already so full that they are too busy to fit anything else in. 512 more words

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Mindfulness: A Closer Look

Have you ever heard someone describe people that act without thinking as “being asleep at the wheel?” This is one way to identify individuals that are not mindful of their behavior or actions. 634 more words

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Effective Communication: Bring Up Tough Issues in 8 Steps

You know the one I mean…that issue.  The one that’s been on your mind.  A lot.

Maybe it’s his spending-spree habits.  Maybe it’s her way of disappearing when she comes home.   818 more words


Ethics and the Strategy of Lying

A top priority in today’s world is a firm’s ability to recognize and address complicated business ethics issues. This is due to the number of well-publicized incidents of corporations engaging in fraudulent and deceitful behavior.  667 more words

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Ethics and The Three Tiers of Management Conclusion

First line employees are typically concerned with specific, technical issues. An building manager, for instance, at a construction company will be focused on making sure that all building plans associated with their projects follow building and zoning codes legally. 703 more words

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Words > or = Actions

It’s all about trust.

Do you trust who you do business with? Not just as a consumer, but as a fellow businessperson?

Building a solid foundation to your relationships is essential. 114 more words


Ethics and the Three Tiers of Management Part 1

Leaders interested in developing an ethical culture are dedicated to the creation and advancement of best practices in business ethics. In addition, they practice corporate social responsibility and implement anti-corruption programs with systems that are sustainable. 380 more words

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