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The Skills Students Must Master To Succeed

 Of all the things I have read about the 21st century skills required for students success in today’s info rich society, the visual below from  114 more words

Appreciation at Work: Tangible Gifts (Language #4)

“Free Bagel Fridays” were the best. Every Friday bagels were delivered to the staff room for free breakfast (this was before gluten awareness). My first grown-up job after college was a position in a company that expressed appreciation through food. 542 more words


The Masks We Wear Over Depression and Anxiety

I am so grateful to all those who stopped by last week when I wrote about anxiety, and to those who commented with words of encouragement, told their own stories, and/or shared my post with others. 768 more words

Mental Health

Kress: Social Semiotic 2010

Kress: Social Semiotic 2010 (5)

“A further reason, quite simply and yet most powerful of all, is this: the world of communication has changed and is changing still; and the reasons for that lie in a vast web of intertwined social, economic, cultural and technological changes” (5).


Talk With The Hands... (Writer's Digest Poem A Day Challenge) Day 17

Text me please, I’ve not time to talk,
Add emoticons for effect.
Suggestive and comical typos are fun,
After a few reads I’ll know what you meant. 92 more words


One sure fire way how to guarantee personal growth

One sure fire way how to guarantee personal growth 

People very rarely improve when they have no other example to copy but themselves. You want to grow though. 130 more words


Kress: “Multimodality”

Kress: “Multimodality” 195

“Any one semiotic mode positions us, from the very beginning, in relation to its systems of criteria of relevance: speech and narrative towards criteria to do with action, event, sequence: the visual, image and display towards criteria to do with focus-field structures, towards a representation of visually salient elements and of their spatial relation to each other” (195)