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Men and women-
Men and women definitely think different, they both only do what we allow them to do. If she’s loud brother and your quiet you’ve got to meet her in the middle and tame the fire. 46 more words

Communication Between Genders

So, I apologize if this post is a little nonsensical because I am a bit knockered but I need to write about something that really frustrates me to no end. 571 more words

About Me

Communicating Underwater

One of the joys of diving is that one cannot talk underwater, this means that those annoying non-stop-talking individuals cannot bother you. However, there are from time to time instances when you will want/need to communicate with your buddy or other divers. 772 more words


More than just a word

Today was the first day I heard John string words together. I was in the living room and John and his therapist were in the kitchen. 11 more words


Spring term is here

The new term started last week. I’m taking a communications class, which is a degree requirement. Don’t even get me started on why this college does not recognize any of my previous college’s communication courses – let us leave it at my current school is… 1,092 more words

Don't Always Get on Your Audience's Level, Elevate Them

Sometimes the worst thing a speaker can do is get on same the level with their audience in terms of attitude and thought. The best thing would be to come at them with a cleaner attitude and a purer thought in order to elevate them.

Kevin Andrew Woolsey