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Authority Signals and Mis-Signals

It’s interesting how we’re conditioned to behave according to certain authority signals. A uniform, a whistle, a type of hat, whatever it might be, we interpret them as cues that someone is in charge, or supposed to be, or wants us to think they are. 288 more words


Ramble or Interact

You can babble and ramble like a madman or you can truly interact.

Scientists + Social Media = True?

Scientists are a very passionate group of people. We devote years of our lives studying things that most people will never hear about. As mentioned in previous posts, curiosity is a major driver for scientists. 510 more words


Enterprise essential - Add IMPACT to your message

I stands for intent (what do you want to achieve?) M – medium (what’s the best way to communicate?) P – profile (what does the message say about you or your organisation?) A – assumptions (are you making false assumptions?) C craft (is your message clear and concise?) T – them (does the message make sense to the recipient?)

Eighty Enterprise Essentials

News (002)

This project was displayed in an exhibition at Bargehouse.
the 27th Feb ~ the 2nd of Mar 2014

the 6th 4482 exhibition

ps. I designed the exhibition poster as well. 18 more words


Follow Your Passion

This post is going to be a little bit more personal than I would normally put on my blog. I don’t mean personal like I’m going to be writing about my… 904 more words

Treating your senses well...

Happy Easter from Inspired Moments; we expect that your sense of taste may have experienced a few egg-shaped chocolate treats over the last few days, or perhaps it’s the sweet smell of freshly cut crass or spring flowers that remain in your memory from the long bank holiday.  306 more words