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Snuggles: Negotiating boundaries in intimacy

The first time I got ‘cosy’ with my partner got was also when he came out to me. I don’t think anyone can possibly appreciate cis-privilege until they know someone who is transgender. 1,088 more words


Your Career and You: “Ethics – ‘When You Come to a Fork in the Road…’”

September for the Public Relations Society of America is branded as “Ethics Month,” and we as a Society are running like gerbils on the wheel in our cage to inform, educate, and increase awareness of the role that ethics plays in our lives as PR professionals. 474 more words

Curry College

Learning to be Selfish

This was going to be two separate thoughts. But one has lead into the other in such a way that they cannot be separated.

Thought number one: Desire and identity are dependent on each other. 1,530 more words


How to Make a Facebook Friend

There are subtle rules that guide the business of friendship. We know which friends can take a joke well, which ones we don’t talk to until they’ve consumed caffeine, and which ones will give us the advice we really need, even if we don’t appreciate it at the time. 418 more words


Change your surroundings, Change's your LIFE!

Keys to Improving your Life.

1.Change who you surround yourself around with.

2.Create a Vision of what you want in life.

3. Build a mental toughness on who deserves to be in your life. 68 more words


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

There are so many reasons that being a parent is a wonderful thing. A lot of the moments I appreciate are ones in which I am observing my daughter from afar, watching her play by herself or engage with other people. 458 more words

Child Development

lying in her bed

the world is stormy

at the exit of her childhood
she has been separated
of her coeval
her understanding
her speach failed
her acting a puzzle… 22 more words