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poems and taxes

So it seems that April is National Poetry Month.  Perhaps the hope is that we’ll all be in such a reading frenzy over Frost, Dickinson, and Collins that we’ll forget about tax day on the 15th.   97 more words


If there's one thing I hate it's.........

My house phone is very seldom used for outgoing calls and even incoming calls are few unless someone is requesting my services. In the past I received many nuisance calls usually from businesses doing cold calls but that has mostly ceased though the occasional caller gets through. 430 more words


Are We Not Talking Now?

There’s nothing quite like the enduring awkwardness of frequently interacting with someone with whom you’ve had a messily romantic past, even if the romance was one-sided. 573 more words

KaRyn: Phone Calls

Justin can call now.  This is a mixed blessing.  I like knowing that he’s ok and that he’s still there (ha), but we have never been great on the phone.   1,098 more words

17 Things Happy People Say Every Day

Are you as happy as you wish you were today? If not, try saying a few of these simple, inspiring things to other people. They won’t just improve your mood; they’ll trigger positive reactions that will legitimately make you feel happier, too. 1,841 more words


From Comms to Communications

Let’s drop the ‘s’ and pick up relationships

by Nuddy Pillay

In most 21st century organisations, marketing departments have re-branded themselves as Marketing and Communications departments. 362 more words

Stakeholder Engagement