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Resident calls may come at the most inconvenient times, but when they do call, it is important that managers allow them to express themselves, as you are their stability. 52 more words

Boy was I wrong!

I once thought that people would welcome a smile, and say “hello” when you greeted them, but it seems as though we are different as grains of sand. 236 more words


Wretched Richard's Almanac: One Ringy Dingy

August 2, 1922

Alexander Graham Bell was one of those curious inventive sort of kids, the kind that love to experiment and blow up the garage with their chemistry set when they’re eight. 290 more words




August will sing her song
and the sun and the wind
will come along,
some rain will

I will rescue my shades
from the dash and leave the windows… 72 more words


My Affair, my cross to bear

Yes I said it. Everyone needs to hear it. I think if you are married and want to stay happily so then this post is for you. 1,417 more words

More Positive Research About Open Content Art

There seems to be an ever-increasing number of institutions that are willing to provide free content to people with Internet access. This has been one of the greatest successes in breaking down the unfortunate exclusivity of museums. 142 more words

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My Other Web Site & Digital Media

As you may or may not know, I’m going into Communications because I want to be a digital media and social media advertising and PR consultant for small, local businesses. 150 more words