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Breaking down

This week has been hard. It has been harder to keep myself calm and in a good state of mind. Sometimes I have to stop myself from yelling at people or being brutally honest. 394 more words


Getting emotional at the office

Experts love talking about the benefits of effective networking and relationship management at the office to stay informed, build allies and grow your career. But most of them are clueless when it comes to teaching you the “how”. 348 more words

Career Growth

Pay Attention There is a lot going on.

My wife and I were in a Dairy Queen one hot Kentucky Sunday in June having ice cream. It was busy. We were in a booth near the counter and a dad walked up to place his order for the four kids with him. 316 more words


Authority figure fun

I could write about all the hot things we’ve discussed and done in the last few days, and why I’m such a physical wreck this evening. 367 more words

Person:the Lover

Adieu EdTech 537...you've made an impression on me!

As EdTech 537 wraps up this week, I wanted to say a formal good-bye to my fellow classmates. I have enjoyed this class and believe beginning this blog at this time in my career has been a benefit to my digital persona. 302 more words


Confrontation & Its Benefactors, Pt. 1

This is the first writing I’ve attempted outside of my personal journal in some time. It is the result of a request by someone I care for deeply, for a cause I find commendable. 432 more words