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How fast is the world shrinking?

DON’T PANIC – I am not suggesting the world is shrinking and we are all doomed! What I am referring to is how transport, technology and communications is advancing at such an ever increasing pace that it drastically affects our perceived size of the world. 577 more words


Swapping journalism for content marketing

It was time for a new challenge. After 15 years as a journalist, I recently jumped the fence to head up a content marketing business… 556 more words


Commonwealth Games opening ceremony can teach us about communications

The Commonwealth Games opening focused on people – not particularly the stars, although they featured too, but mainly on the ordinary people. The volunteers, locals from Glasgow, local kids and kids from underdeveloped countries appeared and they made such clever and strong link with Unicef. 215 more words

Tools for SEO keyword optimization


How to choose an agency and how many agencies to use

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”), search results. 283 more words

Brand Advertising

For Writers, Murray says Let 'Em Eat Inspiration!

How many times have we heard wanna be writers — or even full-grown writers — espouse the benefits of inspiration to their writing practice. “I am waiting for my Muse,” they intone, before that blog, that op-ed, that story proposal can be completed, or even merely begun. 389 more words


Contrary to Current Practice

Yes, I’ve written a blog. Although this is apparently not the practice of the tabloid media –Elvis Lives!

Or the mainstream media – If Elvis Lived, How Would This Affect the Kardashians! 44 more words


COMMS ADVICE: Be Bold, Be the bit of Grit in the Oyster

If there is one piece of advice I came to late in my career that I value in my career it is this… the role of comms is sometimes to be the bit of grit in the oyster. 439 more words

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