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Creating Videos to Showcase Your Portfolio and Your Firm

In our previous posts this month, we’ve covered using drawings and diagrams to communicate the design complexities of your projects and we’ve given you a strategic plan for writing your first book. 630 more words


Do sponsorships work?

It is today seemingly impossible to watch a sporting event without brand names plastered across every available piece of stadiums, equipment and the players themselves. To put it into context for a major sporting brand in Manchester United, commercial revenues now account for 42% at a grand £153m annually, eclipsing matchday revenues of £109m and TV rights at £102m. 516 more words




We all know the message (even though many still ignore it!); “don’t use your mobile phone whilst driving”. This is the UK government line which, in theory, is supported by all agencies. 177 more words


Why the Old Public Relations Won't Work

Public relations – like any other fields or businesses – are facing a revolutionary era, thanks to digital media hypes. It is inevitable that PR pros have to keep up to survive. 370 more words


A Particular Rant On The Friggin' "..."

I really don’t know what to say about this..

Some people just really don’t know how to end sentences with just one period…

Sometimes they use two of them, and sometimes three or more.. 82 more words

Startup Life

Have you ever been curious to see how Tech titans started their companies? We've made a selection of pictures you've got to see.

Most of the giants that dictate the way tech-at-large rolls these days had modest start-offs in the time of their early days. Some associated the prosperity of the companies or their creators to great foresight, knowing the “right” persons, and in many cases, being in the ideal place at the ideal time. 1,101 more words


Robots in the World of Communication

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated in robots, especially in the interest of personal robotics. Little me always wanted an R2-D2 from Star Wars or my own “The Robot” in Lost in Space (yeah, creativity in creating robot names weren’t the 60’s strong suit). 324 more words

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