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I know the way...I can see by the moonlight clear as the day

“Follow Me Home” was released on the Dire Straits’ sophomore album, Communiqué, in the summer of 1979. This is my favorite Dire Straits album and the second I’ve done for a track from it (the first being one of my very first videos, (and somehow still by far my most popular one)….”Once Upon A Time In The West”….the vid is too clunky for me to bear now, but the song is as classic and timeless as ever…gotta get around to a reboot on that vid someday!) This song has always been another favorite from the album, I just really love the smooth tropical-like groove that the band finds and stays in for the track….Knopfler’s guitar is as stylishly stunning as always, and Pick Withers’s restrained style, favoring spare snare drum and hi-hat combinations sound are perfect for the track. 236 more words

Sydney: Eviction of the Hat Factory

Squat!net, 10 August

31 July 2014- Australia: A known squat in the territory known as Sydney has been evicted

Some courageous occupiers and supporters made the decision to barricade and defend as much as they could a space full of history, dreams and resistance. 301 more words

Problematising the improvisational

We contend that:

1. Social housing is an anachronism of Fordist capitalism. All property is theft. There is no universal ideal in tenure just as there are no universal rights recognised for shelter. 506 more words

Riotous Clouds

The party’s over – and what a party!

Written by: Richard A. Powell – RUFORUM Communications Consultant

Following a week of intensive networking opportunities that attracted nearly 700 participants from 45 countries, and celebrating the achievements of postgraduate agricultural students across Africa, the fourth highly successful RUFORUM biennial conference ended last week in Maputo, Mozambique. 349 more words

4th RUFORUM Biennial Conference

Useful words and Postal Vocab

  • dégager (liberate)
  • casser les pieds (to annoy, to bore)
  • j’en ai marre (I’ve had enough)
  • ça servire à rien (will do nothing)
  • c’était ton boulot aujourd’hui ?
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Vacation In Real Time

We are putting the final items into our suitcases, readying for the flight to Italy, which leaves in a few hours. The kids are excited and we are looking forward to seeing friends and a family and just relaxing. 105 more words


Oligarch Rings: Golden Rule Number 1

The Traditionnal Pinkie

Placing a ring on the pinkie finger is very safe – and probably the least controversial place to anything other than a wedding finger. 132 more words