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"Poems are unimportant" - Pasternak.

Though most critics still consider Pasternak’s poetry his greatest achievement, he yearned to create something more ambitious. “Poems are unimportant,” he declared. “I don’t understand why people busy themselves with my verses.” By 1945, he began to conceive a novel about the turbulent experiences of a Russian physician and poet—and Russia itself—from the abortive 1905 Revolution to World War II.

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Save our children from this evil train!

I THOUGHT WE had reached the final frontier of outrage when cupcakes were declared fascist, but I was wrong. I hadn’t reckoned on the bottomless fury of the sisterhood against the patriarchy in all its forms, real or imagined.

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First Post: Looking to the Past to See the Future

What is “good enough” to be my first post?  Well, if I’m honest, nothing of my own.  Instead, I give you the thing that has most wowed me in the last few months. 370 more words

Ferguson Missouri