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America is a Fascitalist nation!

More and more by the day homeless people in America (the minority of people) are getting dragged to FEMA camps, America’s equivalent of Nazi Germany’s Concentration Camps; a way of getting rid of the “undesirables”. 349 more words

Next Up: Dennis Moyer on The Rising Tide

We had a very interesting presentation by Roger Long on Capitalism, Socialism and Communism, which sparked a stimulating discussion on July 27.  I learned that… 99 more words

Short History of the Jews in the Modern World

Consider the below account, feel free to check it all in sources you find trustworthy. Originally published by VNN.


The Jews refer to themselves as a light unto nations – a people that improves all countries in which it resides. 12,337 more words


The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals

The Communist Takeover Of
America – 45 Declared Goals


1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war. 1,066 more words


The Hidden Truth About the Cold War Roomba

Over at Paleofuture, Matt Novak looks back at the 1959 Cold War cultural exhibitions hosted by both the United States and the Soviet Union. For the United States, the Moscow exhibition was a chance to show off the newest products and technology from companies like IBM, Sears and Kodak—and perhaps the most important innovation of all when it came to highlighting America’s high-tech future: 160 more words


The Golden Notebook by Doris May Lessing

Was this really the intellectual and moral climate in the 1950s or was it just one unhappy, bitter, mentally unstable, woman’s distorted perception? The Golden Notebook by Doris May Lessing is a unique and brilliant novel. Read Review.

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