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Edward Knows; But Do You?

As spoken about in previous posts; the new political tool for governments has become the digital world. Anything which enable users to directly connect to the internet is open to manipulation. 246 more words


We have introduced a virus into the body politic of China

In this world of falsehoods, duplicitous behaviour and double dealing the one thing we must all strive for above all others is truth. My wife grew up in a world heavy with the former and very little of the latter – the Soviet Union. 696 more words


No piggyback or you're sacked

For some 30 years now the western press is periodically awash with news about the impending doom that is going to engulf China. If not now then soon, very soon. 258 more words


Prelude to Conflict: Asia, June 9

China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently… 560 more words