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Proficiency Based Curriculum Model: Part 6

One of the most profound developments in Academic SEM is the emergence of a Proficiency-Based Curriculum Architecture Model (PBCAM). Its development and continued evolution are the results of a synthesis by a number of scholars, communities of practice and higher education associations. 1,585 more words

Strategic Enrollment Management

8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning

‘8ways is something that grew out of a particular ethic, a way of working that goes beyond cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity and even cultural responsiveness. It is all about relational responsiveness, a protocol of attending to relational obligations to the field you’re working in, relating and responding holistically to people, land, culture, language, spirit and the relationships between these with integrity and intellectual rigour. 785 more words

Growing Understandings

Creating Better Healthcare Through Communities of Practice

E-Health is a relatively new term that defines the initiative of improving the continuity and level of healthcare patients receive.  It blends resources like technology, experience and information to improve healthcare. 406 more words

ELearning Best Practices

Putting a ring on it: are teaching theories really theories?

What is a scientific theory? Good question with a singular and straight-forward answer. A scientific theory is a well-established explanation of a phenomena, backed up with observable and testable evidence. 797 more words


Dunbar versus Bacon: Why Social Media Reciprocity is a Numbers Racket

Twitter is a great place to find other writers.

It can be a good place to find readers, too. And to some degree that Venn diagram overlaps. 1,026 more words


Do I need a Community or a CoP?

Last week we covered what identity is, in particular how women are experiencing a transition between their professional identity when becoming a mother. Discussion developed around how individual’s identity is formed through the feelings we attain from our experiences. 1,827 more words