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College Experience: Winter Part 1

Problem Solving

During the first week of classes, temperatures dropped below freezing.  The brisk air laughed at my attempts to keep warm with scarfs, gloves, and homemade hand-warmers. 174 more words

Life Challenges

What I *Really* Learned From College

So I’m a college student.  No big surprise there, I don’t exactly hide it.  My college experience so far has been somewhat unorthodox.  I promise, there will be something to take away from this beyond my story. 1,170 more words


Benefactors of Free Community College or Technical Training

Providing universal access to higher education is a step in the right direction – whether or not the tab is picked up by federal and state governments. 742 more words



Satellite campus
Course listings taped to a door
Inside, glasses fog

Waking with Sand on My Skin

This afternoon, I read through a book of my handwritten poems from 2005 to today. I read them backwards, and when I got to October of 2005, I found this: 442 more words


We Don't Need No (More) Education

OMG, President Obama is gonna give free college to everybody! Poor kids everywhere, rejoice, a high-paying tech job is right around the corner! How could anybody be against this?!!? 1,348 more words


Low cost/cheap/cheapest/least expensive community colleges in Texas

Texas is a very popular state among the international students for it’s cheap colleges and low expenses.If you have made up your mind to do your higher studies abroad but you’re concerned about the expenses,the community colleges of Texas are great resources for you. 375 more words

Tuition Payments