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Suffolk County Community College Instant Accept Begins Jan. 5th

Instant Accept Begins Jan. 5th

Stop by any campus to get enrolled for classes starting Jan. 20th.

Classes are filling quickly!

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Scholarship 101: The Million Dollar Effort

Have you heard the saying, every year millions of scholarships go unclaimed? It’s true; millions of scholarship dollars go unclaimed because students don’t apply. Most scholarships are specific based; meaning, have specific eligibility criteria such as GPA (grade point average); class ranking; community or volunteer service; school location; college placement scores (SAT/ACT); sports; gender; ethnic group; first-generation status; or disability.  550 more words


Two-week Programs Now Eligible for Gilman Scholarships

The Gilman Scholarship Program appears to have announced a pretty significant policy shift in just about the most unremarkable way possible. In double-checking some information about the scholarship for a student who is interested in study abroad this summer, I stumbled across this  entry in the FAQ: 275 more words

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Taxpayers again snookered with unnecessary debt

While the Wilmington StarNews is “Stage struck” and the Cape Fear Community College Director of Marketing (why do they need this position?) believes a new $45 million mega-building will be a “game-changer for downtown,” probably few local taxpayers know that they have been “struck” with an added $41 million debt. 370 more words

Higher Education Follies

To Those Who Told Me I Should Settle

So after receiving my grades for this semester and looking over my transcripts thus far, I have to say I’m pretty thrilled. I know it’s contradictory to the post I wrote a few days ago but the more I thought about it and talked about it with people (yes I even spent some of my time in therapy discussing it as well as my future plans) I’ve come to realize that although I didn’t get grades I know I am capable of, I’m still kicking ass as a clinical/counseling psychology major. 516 more words

US public colleges now get more revenue from students than from state funding

Thanks to state and federal grants, public colleges and universities have historically been the most economical way to get a good education in the United States. 289 more words

A bad term at School

This last term at school was rather appalling to say the least. It was one of the worst terms that I had to date where I wasn’t able to do well as I wanted to. 290 more words