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10 24 2014 Four Times Twice

Four Times Twice

It’s a good thing I’m taking a math class. That way, I can determine how many weeks I have been in school so far. 777 more words



Alright guys,

Well, my name is Katy and this is my first blog here in a while so I guess I should introduce my self. Like I said my name is Katy. 431 more words


Rat caught in a maze

There is this test with rodents in a maze to find the cheese.  If they take the right path, they get cheese.  Choose wrong and there is nothing or worse pain and suffering.  1,375 more words

American River College

If It Doesn't Challenge You It Wont Change You

So, for the past several months I have been pondering a difficult decision, one that I had to make up my mind about yesterday morning – effective immediately I am not graduating college until May 2016, which means I have been down graded to junior status. 468 more words

The Tasting Room

     2 years into my time living in Sonoma County, I decided to take a job in a Tasting Room. I wanted a more 9-5 type position with benefits, and to get out of late night events and service. 407 more words

Alexander Valley

Success in the New Economy

Colleague Chris Shannon sent along this lead from a community college in California. It’s about the mismatch between today’s educational aspirations and available jobs. The graphics are super. 112 more words

Had It & Lost It Just Like That

I began college again this semester.. for the 9th semester of my undergrad. I had recently transferred to a state university from a local community college and immediately began struggling. 367 more words