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Applecross Games in Colour.

The week leading up to the Games was full of comments about how hot it was and we should n’t complain etc. So inevitably on Saturday afternoon at ten to one it started drizzling and during the rest of the day it rained and rained. 272 more words


Hot, in fact Scalding.

Wednesday afternoon; Three days of extra ordinary hot weather, especially today.

Today was as hot as you get on the west coast, even at sea. Wearing the bib part of the oilskins, hat and shades did not help. 587 more words


Share Issues and Mooring Ropes.

What I have done over the next few posts is write it a bit like a diary as there has been a bit of a break due to dropping yet another camera in the water as I was taking Kirsty ashore. 611 more words


"A Bang on the Head"

Monday at noon; Friday up till after the 300 creels hauled mark was a fairly uneventful day at sea. Fishing still poor but enough for the two Inns as some were sent off to Drum this morning. 785 more words


Good to be Green.

Very mixed three days. Monday saw me heading over the misty Bealach

to Broadford for a bit of minor surgery on my back. No descriptions required. 683 more words