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Wood, Heritage and Saying Goodbye.

In my usual place on a slightly quieter Saturday evening after a gammon egg and chips. Good day at the hall, a very good day, positive people and good demonstrations with everything to do with wood. 992 more words



Pretty miserable last couple of days but now trying to convince myself it was quick for Jenny. The excitement and adrenalin rush for her hopefully was too much as she chased off after her yipping offspring. 723 more words


Hoping just Mislaid, Nation and Dog

Sunday, you get days like this every so often and that is just as well. Up, tired, but after a post, breakfast and a wee spell on Social Media, I made off out to the Varuna for some large prawns to keep the Inn going. 769 more words


Get Togethers that are called Meetings.


calm weather meant that summer fishing goes into the autumn without much of a break.

The good weather has meant that it is not only busy at sea but the Airstream is keeping Aron churning through the night. 1,278 more words


Fergie and the Cuttlefish.

Good to be back on the water although the morning was rough enough. Put a fleet together on the way out to north of the Bay but there was still the left overs from yesterday’s northerly coming down the Sound. 588 more words


Music and Work.

With the wind settling down to calm again it was two uneventful days at sea on Thursday and Friday. Interesting spraint on the boat on Thursday morning. 1,036 more words