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Stay tuned for further details on our Community Gardens Summit, Winter 2015 page, located under the “Connect” menu tab.

The 2015 Community Gardens Summit is scheduled for Saturday, February 28, 2015.  24 more words


Urban gardening lessons for kids, aided by Times Union Hope Fund

Young people get excited about Hope Fund-supported programs like 15-LOVE
By Paul Grondahl


The kids at 15-LOVE like to play ping-pong in the basement game room at the program’s offices on Washington Avenue. 22 more words

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Kvale leads successful harvest at U of M Morris

Submitted by Jenna Ray

University of Minnesota Morris editor/writer

University of Minnesota, Morris students gathered more than 654 pounds of produce from the campus vegetable garden this harvest season at the University of Minnesota West Central Research and Outreach Center. 28 more words

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Check out this 3-4 minute slide show that makes a great case for supporting Kitchen Gardeners International’s work:

Please pass along the slideshow to those that benefit from it and take a look at… 14 more words

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John's top tip for great tomatoes

John’s top tip for great tomatoes: when a vine (branch) of the plant is as long as you want it to be (ie not so long that it will fall over and break), trim off the new growth tip at the end of the vine. 64 more words

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Soil to get the recognition it deserves!

Did you know that Friday Dec 5th 2014 was World Soil Day? Or that 2015 is the International Year of Soils? Most people probably don’t think about soil much, but it is vitally important to health of millions around the world, as poor soil health affects crop production, so it’s good that the importance of soil is being recognised. 139 more words


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Next year!!!

Week One

So my heart starts to thump when I see this ad. It’s right there on the computer screen and I almost think it’s a joke. 726 more words


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School garden!