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PB: What's the deal Palmetto Bay News?

SDM is a loyal reader of Community Newspapers’ Palmetto Bay News – even though they never put any of them at the new Publix next to Home Depot. 259 more words

Palmetto Bay

Carson Is First City To Support Legislation Requiring All Sugar-Sweetened Beverages To Carry Warning Label



At its Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, the Carson City Council passed a resolution in support of Senate Bi…ll 1000 (SB 1000) that proposes legislation to promote informed consumer purchasing decisions by requiring a warning label on beverage containers about the harmful health effects that result from the consumption of beverages with added sugars. 456 more words

Why community newspapers work

This story originally appeared on The Newspaper Works.

Editor Col Kerr began his journalism career in community newspapers before venturing into national and international titles, which only affirmed to him why community newspapers work. 347 more words

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