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COP. Not the police. We're talking about a Community Of Practice....

Group assignments. As a student you learn to love and loathe group work. Yes there are big pluses about working in a team. Division of work, the chance to share ideas, you get too meet new people and cry on each others shoulders when the going gets tough. 529 more words

Community of practice, is it just a fancy way of saying group work?

Studying towards a degree in comunications means that eventually you will have to do some form of group work, after three years of studying this degree I thought I would have been in every type of group possible however this is not true. 527 more words


Informal Learning and my Personal Learning Network: What's next? #EDUC689

Today, at the conclusion of Informal Learning (EDUC689), I look back in order to comprehend all that has occurred during this 12 weeks of madness, and to look forward and envision what’s now possible for my career.  1,037 more words

Informal Learning

Informal Learning EDUC689: What I expected compared to what I found

At this juncture, I can hardly remember what I expected out of this course. Here is the official description:

This course considers multiple formats for providing extended learning opportunities beyond the classroom or training center. 

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Informal Learning

What is a PLN?

A ‘PLN’ or ‘Personal Learning Network’ is a means of communication and collaboration that improves practice by allowing professionals to share their experiences, resources and ideas. 77 more words

Personal Learning Networks

Tribes: We Need YOU to Lead Us, by Seth Godin (book report)

Click on this link or on the image to view the original on bubble.us, with clickable links. You should also be able to magnify and navigate through the content for easier reading… 6 more words

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Creating a Community of Practice

In April, I co-hosted a two-day learning lab called Leading in Emergence. Designed for multi-sector leaders to explore, practice and apply current frames, competencies and practices for navigating the uneven and slippery terrain of complex emergence, our intention was to create a community of practice among the participants to continue what we began during those two remarkable days. 277 more words

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