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The Overly-Outgoing Conductor

Most mornings, I take the same train into the city, and I have the same set of conductors each time. (Go figure, they have set schedules, too!) 557 more words



The hurried back and forth of the waistcoated clutching sachets of brown sugar; therein lies the difference between the carriages. The refreshments cart ran over my foot, and the refrigerated orange juice wobbled with intense discomposure. 277 more words


How Low-Income Commuters View Cycling | CityLab

Here in Seattle Bicycles are booming. Ridership has dramatically increased in the last several years. Just around the corner is Pronto Cycle Share brought to us by the same company that operates CaBi, CitiBike, Divvy, and many other systems throughout the US and abroad. 315 more words


Why Do You Skate?

After my car broke down I had to catch the train to and from work. Instead of walking, I take my Z-flex and I skateboard from the train stop to and from work. 529 more words

#361 Railway Cables

Is it OK for the railway cables to lie like this in between the tracks? I’m slightly concerned.


R and R on the Rail

Originally saw these pictures on Facebook by Design Contests…

How to have fun in public transport… I wish I could draw too and make some funnies of the passengers. 49 more words


Save Yo Gas!

What is the true cost of speeding?

The cost of speeding is often described in terms of potential accidents and tickets. People tend to look at these theoretical consequences and think, “not me.” Well alright, … 617 more words