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Change and You

I was in the middle of the street and the timer was out and the little man had turned to a solid hand. The cars inched forward a bit and I grabbed my jacket shut and ran through the rain. 172 more words


Man on the Train

On his way to work while everyone was on their way home, the man drinking coffee with a pound cake wrapped in cellophane. Head covered with a beanie and backpack on, he gripped his coffee as he looked up and our eyes met. 53 more words


In Which Your Grumpy Monkey Protagonist Battles Evil on the Way to Work

The following events took place during your humble Monkey’s commute to work yesterday morning.

5:30 a.m. Alarm goes off for first time. Sleepy Monkey stirs momentarily, tries to figure out why he set the alarm so early, then presses snooze. 649 more words


Report from the Evening Commute - April 17, 2014

Tales from the Transit Line

Report from the Evening Commute:

A large cat was seen taking public transit in Vancouver today, but unlike its similarly-sized cousins – lions and tigers, the animal appeared to be domesticated. 22 more words


Mind The Gap

Mind the gap. I might just push you into it!

My blog seems to have evolved from purely photography into more of a medium for me to vent. 488 more words


Commuting Stress for a better experience

Let all Face our stress!

We don’t like it, but It just keeps building up on us.  Our commitment to our daily life is slowly eating us from the inside. 456 more words