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On Changes, Commuting, and Getting a Car (Journal Entry: October 21, 2014)

When I was younger, I thought that the things the older people do were hard.

Then I got a little older and things changed. So I thought that the things the older people do were rather easy. 279 more words

Reasons why I hate my commute into work...

…I literally just got barged nearly to the floor, because this impatient vile woman had to get her train. She then…tutted and ‘rahh’d’ at me really really angrily like it was my fault that I got in her way?! 530 more words

84 Thoughts Every Commuter Has On The Way To Work

The transportation struggle is real.

Like many people, I work in a pretty big city. Also like many people, I don’t actually live where I work. 1,246 more words

Hearing Aids and Bicycles: Hear Haiti Project With Hear the World

Greetings from Haiti! We are Samantha McKendrick and Marisa Breslin, blogging from the brightly colored picnic table at New Life Children’s Home in Port au Prince. 691 more words

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NASCAR Shmazcar

So a bunch of people get into their finely tuned, high-performance racing machines, drive around a track for a bit, get all their automotive needs taken care of by a highly expert team, and go racing around again until someone wins. 1,686 more words


Quiz: How Does Your City Affect Your Happiness?

In his book Happy City, Charles Montgomery offers evidence that where you live has a powerful effect on how you feel. From our commutes to our neighbors and our daily routines, where we choose to live can influence our feelings in ways most of us never imagine. 100 more words

How to blow a week's pay, commuting

Here’s a week of commuting hell from the “multimodal mecca” of Portland.  The rough go includes punching a Smart Car and something similar to what happened to Brand in Goonies.