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Eleanor Street needs more than 20mph signs

Making Eleanor St a 20mph limit is a small step in the right direction, but without cameras & other improvements it’s something of a waste of time. 230 more words


Sorry is the hardest word to say

Two weeks ago I was involved in an incident whilst cycling home from work. It was way to close for my liking and forced me to act to avoid a collision with a single decker bus operated by National Express on the 997 route. 637 more words

The Return of Alternative Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

As per tradition (and by that I mean I did it last year) today is my day to have a moan. I try to keep ranting to a minimum on the blog, but once a year I like to take the opportunity, while everyone else is being happy, to share a few of the things that bug me. 897 more words

Happy Things

Pet Peeve #4

Pet Peeve #4 – When I’m on the bus sitting down and the person next to me has to be constantly moving. Usually it’s a woman going through her purse for 20 minutes or a guy who decides to keep adjusting himself. 39 more words

Pet Peeve

How can a space be socially mobile? (Outline)

Thinking in terms of the urban landscape, London is like a sumptuous multi-layered cake, with the layers representing the various demographics, ethnicities and work practices. I decided to slice through it as a means to answering my research question - 281 more words


morning commute 2

My eyes are hardly open during my 20 minute bike ride to work. The sky has been grey for weeks. I have classic rock in my ear buds and take a detour through the inner city to wake up surrounded by narrow streets, bright colors, and flawless architectural imperfection.


Bus Ride Thoughts

It might sound silly, but I actually enjoy my morning commute. Bus rides essentially are my ‘me’ time, and I love just being able to plug into my music, and delve deep into my own thoughts. 842 more words