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Particular Law

Three day-breaks ago the cold spread out possessively over the land, and spread its arms with greed so vast it lay flat with its breast to the ground, which in less poetic terms is called an inversion. 2,283 more words

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1/29/15: Daily Post

I had a relatively-productive day yesterday. I picked a group and a project for my Science Writing class, and am actually looking forward to the assignment. 158 more words


Abandoned Stations!

Commuting Dilemas: Contemplation and Commuting

Having been on  a short visit to London recently, my main method of transportation was the tube. `Endlessly going in and out of underground stations, it made be contemplate if there are any abandoned stations that are derelict, if so, what happened to them? 992 more words

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Babin: Five ideas to improve city life in winter

About 30 years ago, a unique kind of conference was held at the Edmonton convention centre focused on something that few people were talking about: building winter cities. 1,089 more words

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Reacting to the Cardiff Cycle City Manifesto

This week saw the launch of Cardiff Cycling City, “established in January 2014…..a movement, rather than an organisation, bringing different individuals and groups together in one common vision: to make Cardiff the best cycling city in the UK.” . 1,164 more words



I thought that I was perfect when it came to patience. I was able to commute 3 hours a day (usually more because of traffic and delays) when I was in university, and I did not turn into a raging monster or complain to everyone I knew about it. 794 more words

Watch A Bunch Of Boston Commuters Breaking Windows On A Red Line Train To Escape An Alleged Fire

The morning commute to work or school can be a killer whenever public transit is involved. Huge crowds, long waits, constant delays — it’s difficult to see how anything else could possibly make it worse. 156 more words

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