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Just Desserts

Have you ever been driving, noticed one of your fellow motorists driving like a jerk, and wished there was a police officer there at that instant to catch them? 195 more words


Holiday Commuting

I’d just like to pause for a moment and say thanks to all the parents out there.


Because it is school holiday time again! 260 more words


Does Cycling Infrastructure Change The Cycling Experience?

I am old enough to remember the first great cycling boom in the US in the 1970’s.  In 1973 there were over 15,000,000 cycles sold in the States. 1,132 more words


Busking Nemesis

Gadzooks! What spectral horror dost I espy down the long, lonely, dim reaches of the South Kensington pedestrian tunnel this summer morn? Though it be sultry outside an icy chill plays about my heart. 165 more words


Cyclist Haiku

Bicycle Commute
Motorists are enemy
Combat, I’m winning


Minus The Train

DK gives us a simple review of his day.

Looks familiar, minus the train.

Yup, about right.

But where does he fit in blogging?

Ray Visotski

Sydney's Light Show & The Modern Day Commuter

Did you see the sunset last night? It was hands down the best sunset I have ever seen in Sydney! Unfortunately for me I didn’t get any photos of my own as I was on the bus on my way home from work.  189 more words