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And Then There Was Cake (WIP)

Last weekend’s challenge on BA was themed Conciliate - which is basically the root word for reconcile - and means to stop someone being angry, or make them a friend. 76 more words


Portal Companion Cube Tissue Box Cover

As I mentioned in a previous post, I try to create a geeky valentine for my equally geeky boyfriend. This year the theme was  339 more words


Portal is Coming to Your Tabletop

Cryptozoic Entertainment, publishers of the Assassin’s Creed: Arena, The Walking Dead, and The Hobbit board and deck building games announced last week a board game based on the… 125 more words


SoundCube: A Companion Cube that can Talk

The Enrichment Center likely disapproves of the SoundCube: a portal music box in the form of a Portal Companion Cube. finished this project a couple of years ago, but we’re glad he’s finally had time to give a rundown on the details at his blog. 129 more words

Arduino Hacks

Companion Cube Christmas Lights Improved With Neopixels

obtained a string of official companion cube lights from Valve, but being in Australia couldn’t put them to their non-judgemental glory without the use of a step down transformer. 131 more words

Led Hacks

DIY Geekery: Geeky Tissue Boxes

Seeking the perfect room accessory with bright colors that pop and a touch of geekdom? Buy a boring generic tissue box and repaint them into Geeky Tissue Boxes. 105 more words