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I will never be Beyonce

Everyone has those days where you feel reflective. You become introspective and think about what it is you are doing with your life, and what the whole point is. 383 more words


What I Wish I Knew When Entering My 20s

Entering your 20′s can be a scary thing, after all this is where you begin the rest of your life. But don’t worry we are all still learning and need a little help here and there. 639 more words

Common Problems

The Color of my Lawn

I was at a birthday party years ago. I’d joined a group of fellow homeschooling mom’s who were discussing daily activities, curriculums and parenting choices. In the midst of the group was “that ONE mom”. 761 more words


How comparing yourself to others puts you in a pickle

Have you ever sat and watched someone else do your job better than you? Don’t say you haven’t because we’ve all been there. We’ve all watched someone else–someone younger or less experienced or weirder or whatever–do what we do best better than we can do it. 816 more words


The Comparison Trap: How to Enjoy (and Not Envy) the Success of Others

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First thing in the morning, I check Twitter, only to have it list off for me all the ways I’ve already fallen behind. 833 more words