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Avatar/TMNT (2003) Comparison: The Supporting Cast & Villains

Beyond the break there may be spoilers for either show. If you want a non-spoilery version of what I’m talking about: here you go. 1,076 more words


Matthew Broderick vs W.B. Mason

Matthew Broderick from the movie Glory

W.B. Mason

I can’t be the only one that sees this similarity, right?

Increase Happiness

A Disgrace To All Housewives

I got a text yesterday about a family that needed a meal and I volunteered to do it. By volunteering, I mean, I offered to buy them a meal. 924 more words

Beautiful Life

Topic 6 - Environments for Learning

To get a deeper understanding of what an ‘environment’ was, I decided to look up synonyms for the word. The results are shown below:

One more step, always further

There is always one more step
Always a further,
Could’ve done more, could’ve done better
A close, but not quite enough and a probably should have… 355 more words



While I was browsing Pinterest a few days ago I found this little gem. While I would love to be able to say “Duh” and keep on scrolling, I just couldn’t. 113 more words


Measuring Up To Bloggers and Beyonce

Do you measure up to the woman with thousands of admiring followers, the beautiful, clean, and spacious home, the adorable children and the handsome, hard-working husband? 537 more words