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Do I need a smartwatch?

Smartwatches have really gain some popularity in 2014. More and more developers are announcing them and more and more models are available. And now, with the holiday season coming soon I can’t help but stay up at night and wonder: “Do I need a smartwatch? 1,553 more words


Inadequacy & Uselessness

Why do people love to compare? Why do people even compare? What’s the point of comparing yourself, or someone for that matter, to someone else? Would that make you better at what you’re doing? 375 more words


Nice Choice or Right Choice?

It’s been a dilemma that’s plagued us ever since we hit our phase of adolescence. Do we make the right choice or the nice choice? 694 more words



As I peruse blogs and web sites of the many photographers who are more technically talented and creatively gifted than I will ever be, I have to keep reminding myself of this quote from Teddy Roosevelt. 33 more words



The grass on the other side may look green and lush.  It may not appear to have any dandelions or creeping charlie.  However, looking at your neighbor’s yard can take away the enjoyment of your own.  923 more words