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IEquatable and All That: The Nine Comparisons Interfaces

In my last article I pointed out that Microsoft has given us no less than nine different general-purpose interfaces to perform the simple task of comparing objects to see if they are equal, or if one is greater than the other. 1,410 more words


Science Fiction, and Other Genres - What are They?

Personal thoughts and comparisons:

In reality they (genres) are the window dressing for a standard story you’ll find within any book. In a sense we could carry this further and say stories written are about the interactions of the characters in the story, and what and how it transpires determines the genre. 1,355 more words


Use The Right Tool

When I first started coming out to others, word got around to my pastors who called me in and wanted to talk. I decided to go in and listen to them instead of defend my position and beliefs. 427 more words


Anything You Can Do...

It’s there, you can feel it. The underlying edge to the conversation. These women aren’t sharing their knowledge of learning and parenting for the sake of edification. 582 more words


The Other Brother

I don’t talk much about him as we are not close.
At all.
In fact, other than the usual celebratory cards, we have no contact from one year to the next. 483 more words


WWII Reenactment: Eye of the Needle vs Catch-22

Perhaps the most studied subject of all time, the Second Great War is an enthralling narrative that has it all: an evil villain bent on the destruction of entire races, the greatest propaganda machine of all time, and heroes who gather from all over the world to save humanity from being dragged over the precipice of annihilation. 1,585 more words


Some things take a while to un-learn

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the driveway putting something into the trunk of my car, talking to my neighbor as I did so. 1,263 more words