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Perfume Comparison: Purr and Meow by Katy Perry

SO as always I am here to share my thoughts and the perfumes featured above.  Just a note:  these are simply my opinions.  I am in no way bragging about I own.   210 more words


it's who we ARE, not what we DO. 3

What if someone asked you, “How happy are you?” It might be hard for you to answer as happiness is a fairly complex emotion.

Can we be trying too hard to be happy? 353 more words


15 things you should quit doing now!

“Winners never quit and quitters never win”  Really?

Things you should quit (in no particular order)

  1. complaining
  2. comparing yourself to others
  3. apologizing when you don’t do anything wrong…
  4. 58 more words

Rant: Who are you to judge?

Judging. Assumptions. Labels. Why does everyone try to pigeonhole everyone else into generic categories filled with stereotypes?

I guess as humans we don’t want to know that there are so many things we don’t know about, so we try to label and understand people before we’ve even said hello. 472 more words


Review and Swatches: Lorac Pro Palette with Comparison to Naked 1


Permanent | $74.99 (AUD) | Available online

I have been eyeing this palette off for quite a while but Lorac can be hard to source in Australia. 559 more words


Drowning in a Sea of False Equivalency

Everywhere we look it seems we see the ugly head of stupid reasoning attaching itself to every issue we face today. Issues are not debated, they are attached. 1,359 more words


UM-Dearborn vs UM-Ann Arbor

Hello, again!

Today I’m pitting two University of Michigan campuses against each other…..Ann Arbor and Dearborn! :) Let’s see who everyone thinks is the better campus this time. 206 more words