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4/16/14 Morning Musing - Not Measuring Up

I was putting together my to-do list this morning and noticing the piddly little stuff that is on it…stuff that nobody notices that I do: Go to Aldi’s to get hormone-free milk and hormone-free eggs, buy Easter-basket stuff for the kids for this weekend, wash everyone’s sheets today, buy bagels at Einstein’s for stocking the freezer for breakfasts, morning musing, cleaning the coffee pot, disinfecting the kitchen counters…and I started to feel self-conscious. 581 more words


Reality Inverted

Reuters graph implies the opposite of what’s really happening

Graphics — especially simple graphics— should take into account reader’s expectations, not require careful study to correctly interpret their meaning.  60 more words


Ipsy April 2014 Sneak Peeks, Bag, & Coupon Codes

April 1st couldn’t have come any faster, Ipsy surprised us with a delightful “April Fools” with a sneak peek! They usually start sneak peaks on the first Monday of the month but this month Ipsy started on the 1st (which was a Tuesday), I don’t know if it’s just for this month but I hope they keep it that way! 1,324 more words


Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi or Ronaldo? A question that often comes up in the footballing world. Both of them are absolutely exquisite in their own right, and both have an individual way of playing, so you can’t exactly compare the two in terms of where they play on the pitch.  951 more words

Champions League

Making Comparisons

She is incredibly talented, and it seems as though everything she touches turns to gold.  She makes beauty out of the ordinary, her clothes are always so well put-together, and she is immensely beautiful even without doing her hair or applying make-up.   855 more words


When Your Book Finally Makes Its Way into the World

No, it’s not my release date quite yet — but when I went to my publisher’s website today, I saw that it’s possible to view the front matter of my book (title page, table of contents, acknowledgments, dedication) and its first 15 pages or so. 352 more words


its a fine line

being alone

being with others













no matter

one or the other

it is endless… 15 more words

Yoga And Addiction