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3rd Ward Native Justin Simien Tells Why He Wrote "Dear White People" {Exclusive Audio}

Houstonion Justin Simien is the writer & director of Dear White People. He joined the Madd Hatta Morning Show to talk about why he wrote the movie, his Third Ward background, comparisons to… 62 more words

Madd Hatta Morning Show

Deep Sea Angling: The Old Man and the Sea vs Moby Dick

What’s more exciting than speeding around the ocean with a stick of wood with a line and a can of worms? Nothing you say? That’s right! 1,218 more words



Regrets; they can have a huge influence on you…if you let them (they can consume you). An example: when my father committed suicide, I found him around 12:30; I stopped at 7-11 from 12-12:15. 456 more words


Animal Magic

Upon speaking to my elderly aunt yesterday, I was struck by how much she reminds me of a little bird or perhaps a mouse. Some frantic tiny creature with a heart that beats a million times a minute and an complete inability to relax. 177 more words

Perfume Comparison: Purr and Meow by Katy Perry

SO as always I am here to share my thoughts and the perfumes featured above.  Just a note:  these are simply my opinions.  I am in no way bragging about I own.   210 more words


it's who we ARE, not what we DO. 3

What if someone asked you, “How happy are you?” It might be hard for you to answer as happiness is a fairly complex emotion.

Can we be trying too hard to be happy? 353 more words


15 things you should quit doing now!

“Winners never quit and quitters never win”  Really?

Things you should quit (in no particular order)

  1. complaining
  2. comparing yourself to others
  3. apologizing when you don’t do anything wrong…
  4. 58 more words