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Wholeness: A Coherent Approach to Reality – David Bohm

“I think the difficulty is this fragmentation.. All thought is broken up into bits. Like this nation, this country, this industry, this profession and so on… And they can’t meet.  1,219 more words


Differences in perception of sex, love, and emotional attachment: separation and blendedness...and my serious, serious need to make some non-sexual friends for once, guys

Some people, including those intrigued by the idea of and/or actively seeking out casual sex compartmentalize sex and love into Totally Different Things Altogether. And it’s not just the people pursuing something purely no-strings-attached without getting messy emotions involved–and here’s the thing, actually knowing themselves and the exact situation ahead of time to prevent emotional involvement and keep boundaries in check for each and every strictly sexual behavior. 241 more words


Little soldier boy

fled lions and tigers in his closet,

dropping pj’s in the sink.

Little toy girl slid up the next tree,

planted spit in the ground… 185 more words

The Parting of the "See"

Compartmentalization is to part the mentality so that one is not aware of the other.


Compartmentalization: Not Just for Spies!

I first heard of compartmentalizing when I was watching that show Alias back when I was in Junior College. At the time I had no idea what it meant, but based on the context I figured out that it’s basically the concept of keeping the separate parts of your life separate. 415 more words


Being a Buddha: Transcending the Idea of Self/Other

When Western people are drawn to the Buddha’s teachings (or become Buddhists) the problem often arises of how to communicate about this to non-Buddhist family and friends. 349 more words

Creative Systems Thinking