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The Parting of the "See"

Compartmentalization is to part the mentality so that one is not aware of the other.


Compartmentalization: Not Just for Spies!

I first heard of compartmentalizing when I was watching that show Alias back when I was in Junior College. At the time I had no idea what it meant, but based on the context I figured out that it’s basically the concept of keeping the separate parts of your life separate. 415 more words


Being a Buddha: Transcending the Idea of Self/Other

When Western people are drawn to the Buddha’s teachings (or become Buddhists) the problem often arises of how to communicate about this to non-Buddhist family and friends. 349 more words

Creative Systems Thinking

The Compartmentalization Series: An Intro to Breaking Things Down

A couple of posts back, I fired out a short burst on the power of compartmentalization. I was freaking out about all the things I have to do this year for school (as well as at home and for grad school). 224 more words



There is a trend that has been nagging at me. Nothing so fully formed as to make an argument, but nagging, nonetheless. I’m not sure exactly what it is. 1,016 more words

"Visiting" Rome: Summer Camp 2014

This is my second week with this challenge. I’m late for this post, but I had an unusual schedule this week. Still I want to report my progress about last week’s goals and set a few for the next three days. 709 more words


Building Rome: My First Day

After weeks of watching people make posts on this Building Rome theme (hosted by Green Embers), I’ve decided to dip my toe and try it. 541 more words