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The Compartmentalization Series: An Intro to Breaking Things Down

A couple of posts back, I fired out a short burst on the power of compartmentalization. I was freaking out about all the things I have to do this year for school (as well as at home and for grad school). 224 more words



There is a trend that has been nagging at me. Nothing so fully formed as to make an argument, but nagging, nonetheless. I’m not sure exactly what it is. 1,016 more words

"Visiting" Rome: Summer Camp 2014

This is my second week with this challenge. I’m late for this post, but I had an unusual schedule this week. Still I want to report my progress about last week’s goals and set a few for the next three days. 709 more words


Building Rome: My First Day

After weeks of watching people make posts on this Building Rome theme (hosted by Green Embers), I’ve decided to dip my toe and try it. 541 more words



Israel WILL NOT be getting thing together until they have NO CHOICE i.e Marshall law, Stock Market Crash, and so on. . We should be practicing now, preparing ourselves, ‘boot camping’ for when we really need to rely on each other. 82 more words

Government And Corporation Lies

A Room with a View: The Quilting Edition

As part of the Writing 101 Blogging Challenge, we wrote a post about a place we wanted to be zoomed to. The post was supposed to be called A Room With a View: Day 2 of the Writing 101 Blogging Challenge or something like that. 423 more words


Compartmentalization....core spirituality.... my personal journey


Compartmentalization is running rampant thru out our humanity, thru emotional and psychological processes, political spinning, military success, religious control, mass media hypnotic infiltrations of misinformation, partial information and covert fear based messaging, academia and the ability to control our understandings of our true history in all aspects of life on earth, and thru broad social agendas that perpetrate fear based scenarios for years and years and years now . 1,715 more words

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