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My Bipolar Story, Part 5

If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I try to control everything, and I do mean everything. I have found that when I feel out of control, which is a common feeling when you have bipolar disorder-for me at least, I try to take control of anything and everything I can. 562 more words

Thinking Outside the Boxes in Our Heads


The modern technologically “advanced” world that surrounds us today is an outgrowth of our society’s ways of thinking- what has been called Aristotelian logic, dualistic thinking or compartmentalization. 395 more words

Creative Systems Thinking

WISE #27: put me in a box

As you probably know if you’ve been following this blog since the new year, I’m in the middle of a WISE project for my school. Basically, WISE is an individualized senior project that, when completed and presented thoroughly, will count as course credit. 619 more words


Writing Men: Compartments

Welcome back to Writing Men, a look at what things a writer should keep in mind when writing male characters in fiction. Previous segments include the… 1,105 more words

On Writing

After last night, I am left wondering just how many other pieces of me there are. And what do they know? Clearly, parts of me are up-to-date and others are a quarter-century behind. 196 more words


Disclaimer: Please be aware that compartmentalization, without regard to employing a good healthy method, is quite dangerous and can cause mental and emotional disorders.

I have heard that compartmentalization is what men do with their emotional side. 603 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

Reconsidering the purpose of my Be As One blog: from Me to You

Eighteen months ago I started Be As One with the idea of chronicling my life in my attempt to pull all the various pieces together and live as a whole and integrated person. 522 more words

The Critter Room