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Feel good now

I’m a hedonically driven woman. I’m not gonna shuck and jive about it. So last night when a fellow Leo woman asked me for a night on the town, I jumped. 369 more words


I have to get up. It’s 5 minutes til noon on a Sunday and I need to cohost a baby shower and my head is full of pain, which means I need to work out. 233 more words

Triggered by Pain

What do you do when your kid’s painful experiences trigger you? I try to compartmentalize and be the grownup in the moment but how about after the moment passes and you’re left with a heart aching for both of you in a complex tangle of primary and secondary trauma? 972 more words

Mental Intervention

What was I thinking having three kids?

I mean, I love them, but who went and told them they could have their own social lives? 393 more words


In the attic...

of my mind. Memories stored, mostly forgotten now sitting in the dust covered boxes, bins and bags of my life. Some how, along the perilous way, one is able to take the most wrenching, disturbing, offensive, hurtful acts and stuff them into containers and close the lid on them. 39 more words