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Infinite space

It’s the space between the words where I find myself. It’s this infinite space I understand myself. I can’t live in your book. I live in this infinite space of who I am. 188 more words

Miscellaneous Midnights

It’s currently midnight, ten in the morning in Africa and four in the afternoon in China and I am terrified of what’s to come.

Some people in the world are already in the future while I sit beneath my bed sheets thinking about the past; what I did today, how many times I could have done this, or should have said that. 845 more words


Compartments for coping

Do you ever separate things into different compartments to help you cope?

I was thinking about how this became a kind of coping mechanism in my younger years. 287 more words

Covert Abuse

Feel good now

I’m a hedonically driven woman. I’m not gonna shuck and jive about it. So last night when a fellow Leo woman asked me for a night on the town, I jumped. 369 more words


I have to get up. It’s 5 minutes til noon on a Sunday and I need to cohost a baby shower and my head is full of pain, which means I need to work out. 233 more words

Triggered by Pain

What do you do when your kid’s painful experiences trigger you? I try to compartmentalize and be the grownup in the moment but how about after the moment passes and you’re left with a heart aching for both of you in a complex tangle of primary and secondary trauma? 972 more words