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I’ve been avoiding factory farmed meat for a long time now, the inhumanity of the process being the main reason. The issue recently made it’s way into the news when, outraged by the claim that Perdue chickens were farmed humanely, … 224 more words

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Do you really know what you're buying in the supermarket?

This video has been going around the Internet for a while now. Actress, Kate Miles, worked with Compassion in World Farming and Catsnake Film for the production of this video that exposes the secrets of food marketing. 10 more words


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…that in France, a turkey is called a “chicken from India”?

…that the shape of turkey droppings indicates a turkey’s gender?

…that dinosaurs like T-rex and Velociraptor had wishbones? 24 more words



While working in London I came across a demonstration outside the Benneton Shop in Oxford Circus. The demonstrators, about three in number, were standing outside the store and using their megaphones to bellow in to the store and protest about the use of fur. 69 more words

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Call me a bunny hugger

This month my consultancy work led me to delve into the disturbing world of industrial rabbit farming. I may have witnessed my fair share of animal cruelty over the course of my career and become slightly desensitised to shocking images, but as I read the accounts of the Compassion in World Farming undercover investigators who had just visited rabbit farms across Europe, I felt sick to my stomach. 823 more words

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