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Mailbox Jackpot

If I needed to wake up to several good emails to recover from yesterday, I needed to open a mailbox full of wonderful letters to soften the blow from daily life today! 344 more words

Why I skipped the Ice Bucket Challenge

Today is a risky blog.  I don’t want to make this sound like I’m looking down on anyone.  If you did the ice bucket challenge and/or donated money to the ALS, I applaud you for doing something for a cause.  521 more words


more photos to share

I recently sent a small donation to purchase a birthday present for Chembalaw (International Humanity Foundation, Kenya)! She desperately wanted a new pair of shoes, and also got a new backpack! 105 more words

Dinosaurs in Ghana...!

But you can relax… only on paper!  :)  We received 3 letters from our Compassion children today, including this drawing from Rawulatu of a dinosaur. Isn’t it fabulous? 107 more words

Compassion International

getting caught up!

And back to the purpose of my blog! To share all about my wonderful sponsorship kids! I’ve gotten behind in posting recent photos and letters from the kids! 580 more words

a little of this and that

News from Antares Foundation kids…

I had been wondering why I hadn’t seen Dima in any of the Sokolovka summer camp photos recently. Turns out my dear boy was away at the health center. 414 more words


Dear Kelly,
I greet you in the peace of our Lord hoping that you and your family are in good health. My family and I are doing well, but sometimes I’m mad with them, because when I talk to them, they don’t listen to me. 1,624 more words