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Everyone Does The Best They Can

Everyone does the best they can according to their own level of awareness.

This isn’t easy to swallow.  How can a murderer have been doing the best s/he could do?   359 more words


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Goals are hard.

Sometimes moving to your goals come easily, and sometimes it seems like you keep eating the candy or skipping your training session. 211 more words


Compassionate Communication Through Engaging All Levels

Humanity in its undeveloped state has a neurological dependance on tension, while simultaneously despising it and yearning for a peaceful life. For one deep within ego identity, or identification with the surface mind, the tension of resistance held in place by thoughts becomes (from that point of view) “what one is” . 917 more words

Butterfly Journal 11th Month: Love (Entry #2)

In the last journal entry on Love, I discussed what love truly is: the highest vibrational act of unconditional selflessness, compassion, and responsibility. This quote by Hafiz, a Persian poet, sums up what love is perfectly: 261 more words


The Real Reason to Stop Judging

For the most part, we’ve all been taught that judging is bad. Being called judgmental is pretty much never a compliment, and if you’re of a religious persuasion, you may have been raised with the ol’ “judge not lest ye be judged.” Regardless, we’ve all come to know this as treating others the way we’d like to be treated, and generally speaking, most of us don’t like being judged. 862 more words


Mary Gauthier: 'Mercy Now'

Whether from the perspective of the life experiences people bring to this service, or what’s on the news, or what is difficult or painful in any of our lives – thinking we could all use a little mercy now….

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

Palace Gate Counselling Service

An infinite 7-minute friendship

I sat with headphones in, shoulder against the cool subway car wall. In my black, low cut tank en route to work, a man of maybe 22 paced a short span of the train, back and forth, faint chatters of scattered words in a conversation to himself. 776 more words