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#21 Nature's Little Jewels

The sun shone down upon the town of Lake George. Though the town itself was small, the homes of the residents branched off into the forested hills. 2,501 more words

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#20 To the Fallen with Love

The Civil War started 149 years ago in April of 1861. Approximately 700,000 people were killed. In the years following the Civil War, there were springtime tributes to remember the deceased. 2,552 more words

Ute Country News Stories

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Hey everyone!

I have been thinking quite a bit since my post last night and I was looking through some of my older posts and I discovered a draft that I want to elaborate on. 1,235 more words

My Life

How sweet the sound

Longtime readers at Deconstructing Myths know that the arts have been a lifelong refuge for me during many of life’s struggles. Without music, poetry and books, I shudder to think where I might be now. 112 more words

Civil Rights

Live Through The Heart

Not the mind;

The mind will corrupt what is good in the heart. The mind will have your heart in dismay.

Connect to your heart.  With such very short time on this planet why not live it with the best intention within your moment? 25 more words

Fish or cut bait

Consider the power of a call that makes me leave my family, home, livelihood.

Consider the power of a call that changes my heart to feel the fragility, the vulnerability, the desperate need to be loved of the human family. 48 more words


Spotlight on Diane Rinella

There is an originality to Diane Rinella’s work that is not only refreshing, but utterly fascinating. She somehow manages to charm her readers while at the same time enticing them to think … and feel. 520 more words