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Treat Yourself :)

Ahhh, the beach. One of the great things about living in Rhode Island (aka the Ocean State) is you are never far from the beach. I love spending a few hours soaking in that lovely Vitamin D with a good book and a leisurely walk. 577 more words

We are all connected

Imagine an orchard. And all the fruits on your tree are your soul mates. Your loved ones, your children, your friends. And then imagine the roots of your tree spreading to the next tree, and connecting to it. 83 more words

Life In General

Suffering III - the man born blind

‘As Jesus walked along he saw a man who had been blind from birth.
“Master, whose sin caused this man’s blindness,” asked the disciples, “his own or his parents’?” 1,666 more words


What's your sign?

I had not planned on getting any cash back at the store until the Holy Spirit insisted on not letting me pass by this one. He was standing in a place where it’s not surprising to see someone holding up a sign, there are many homeless who hang out at this particular store. 784 more words

Saying Goodbye to B.K.S. Iyengar

The great, perhaps the greatest living yoga master, B.K.S. Iyengar died today in Pune, India, at the delightfully advanced age of 95. There will be many public tributes and even more private tributes as his innumerable devoted students honor his legacy. 222 more words

From The Editors

Human Connection and the Power of Empathy

This post is part of the August synchroblog and the theme is “connection”.

When I think about connection I am reminded that significant, deep, meaningful connection with others is what I want most out of life. 462 more words


Walking the HIV+ talk

1. Will you readily accept the admission of some HIV+ children in your child’s school?
2. Will you knowingly and willingly interact with HIV+ persons? 486 more words

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