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Job Trajectory 1: Catering, Academic Tutoring, Ad Agency, Tech Startup

A person’s twenties is one of the most critical times for learning how to make money, actually making money, finding something you like to do to make that money, and perhaps most important, finding that happy balance of job compensation and job satisfaction. 1,105 more words


APG Asset Management Compensation guidelines.

APG has recently published its Compensation guidelines introducing –as they say- a buy-side perspective on the matter.

We refer to this document (1) in this post, as we consider this a very valuable initiative and a very insightful view of what investors really think an adequate Pay Policy needs to be. 457 more words


Preparing for the contingent workforce

The 2020 Workforce will be increasingly flexible. An increase in the number of non-payroll positions for consultants, intermittent employees, and contingent workers is forcing change on companies. 112 more words

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What It Will Take to Change the Culture of Wall Street

William C. Dudley, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, gave a speech Monday in which he used the word “culture” 45 times. 1,274 more words


U.S. Malpractice System is a Failure

The U.S. tort system as a solution to compensation for medical errors is an abysmal failure.   It’s unfair to doctors and  it’s unfair to patients. 386 more words


How much is Amazon's comp package impacted by stock decreases?

Today, Amazon lost 10% of its value:

In an earlier post on Amazon, I noted:

For a company that heavily compensates its employees with stock, this is bad news.

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