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8 Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Direct Seller


The possibilities are limitless for enterprising individuals who can figure out the right product and the right company to choose.

Just about every consumer product or service imaginable is sold somewhere in the world through direct selling. 1,297 more words


How Much Hassle is Modern Day Life?

I’ve just spent close on to an hour trying to sort out just 2 issues with modern day life!

We moved a couple of months ago to a new pastoring role within a rural area of the UK. 1,082 more words

Examining the Return on Investing in High Potential Talent

…So this morning I stumbled across a piece from way back by Compensation Strategist Laura Schroeder. It’s a really solid read, and you can check it out… 501 more words


Compensation for Divorcee

  • A divorcee has the right of monitory compensation “muta’ah” relative to the socio-economic status of the husband.
  • During the post-marital waiting period, the divorcee lives in her house and continues her daily life style as before practicing the same routine and wearing no special clothes.
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Husband-Compensated Divorce (Khul’)

  • If the wife hates her husband and fears that she may not be able to fulfill her obligations  as a muslim wife, she may ask the court   for “Khul.” She has to negotiate a deal with  her husband, agreeing to give him back the dowry and any compensation upon their mutual consent (even she may agree to work for him for a certain period of time).
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Peyton Manning and Picking the Right Job

Like a lot of folks, was not able to escape the Peyton Manning touchdown record hype Sunday night.  And like the total pro that he is, Peyton delivered.   530 more words