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Why Paying Above The Minimum Wage?

A sad story about a woman who died from sleeping in her car while waiting for her next shift at a Dunkin’ Donuts. Carelessness aside, her struggle to make a living wage was real. 418 more words

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"Working in non-profit is not sustainable"

I overheard a graduate student majoring in public health saying this the other day. I think it’s quite a thought-provoking statement. A part of me wants to shake my head and wag my finger at anyone who would say something like this, especially someone who’s training in social work or public health or other human services related field, but then as I’m aware of the fact that we live in a market economy, a large part of me finds it hard to disagree with the statement. 1,096 more words


Contingency Fees and Your Personal Injury Case.

It is common in British Columbia for lawyers to provide legal services in personal injury cases in exchange for a contingency fee. A contingency fee is a percentage of the amount a case settles for. 268 more words


Pay Me!

It amazes me that after working a 12 hour work- day, with limited resources, and even fewer personnel. When it rolls around to being compensated; you are short-changed- not because your hours were entered incorrectly, but because it seems like they assumed you would not notice that your hours are short. 352 more words

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Compensating Coders - New Data Helping Software HR Pros Pay Their Programmers

I love money. Yah, I said it and it’s true. I love money because it affords me the luxury of paying my bills, saving for retirement/emergencies and with what I have left after making those responsible money decisions, using the bit of¬†disposable income I have remaining to travel, experience awesome cuisine, see my favorite performing artists and keep myself ensconced in the latest tech toys. 598 more words

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Video Saturday: Advancing a Career in Compensation Management

Successful compensation professionals from LinkedIn, Siemens Corporation and Marriott Vacations Worldwide provide career advice.

With Nick Vollrath, CCP, GRP, CSCP, Manager, Compensation, Siemens Corporation
Christina Hall, Sr. 42 more words


Ibadan explosion: Market leader wants compensation

Following last Saturday’s explosion of a fuel tanker that claimed no fewer than 15 lives at the popular Molete market in Ibadan, the Babaloja of the market, Mr. 229 more words