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Great Expectations - Rich's Rule #9.

Great Expectations – You Must Be Seen as Competent

It’s one thing to be competent and another thing to be perceived as such.  Being seen as competent often means you must be good on your feet, able to lead meetings, capable of speaking in front of groups and even adept at facing news cameras during a crisis or in damage control situations. 110 more words


[Publikation] Digital Badges zur Dokumentation von Kompetenzen: Klassifikation und Umsetzung am Beispiel des Saxon Open Online Courses (SOOC) #delfi2014 #delfigames

Im Workshop-Programm der DeLFI 2014 stellen wir das Badge-Konzept im SOOC vor. Der Workshop ist ein “Flipped Workshop” (weil Christian Spannagel gerade alles flipped), d.h.  217 more words


Am I Competent?

No, I don’t mean me, specifically. It’s a question I often asked myself in times of doubt, and I’m sure it’s a question you may have asked yourself. 1,125 more words

Three Resolutions


“Things ran better when you were there.” A former work colleague commented.

Because things ran instead of crawled, complained, cowered, played on social media, stalled, spaced out or slept. 31 more words

Industry Automation

Mysiam Planet Co. Ltd are involved in a project that are building up a new Truck factory.

This includes planning a new factory site, integration of several IT production systems, use of realtime mobile devices and communication between end point salesman (globally) down to the welding robot in the factory site. 22 more words



Practice: v. to repeat a behavior(s) and/or skill(s) and/or knowledge and/or experience to get competency and/or expertise

You have probably heard the phrase that “practice makes perfect” and it is frequently true that with enough repetition you can learn most skills and knowledge necessary for existence. 403 more words

Common Sense

Projet d'entreprise et collaboration: les clefs d'un bon partenariat.

Démarrer un projet en s’associant à d’autres partenaires est toujours une aventure enrichissante. Mais cette aventure pourra être menée à bien dans la mesure où certaines conditions seront réunies. 923 more words