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T-CNews January 2015 Industry focus articles at a glance

The growing world of games and gamification

Games and gamification are the fastest growth areas in T&C training as firms unlock how game qualities such as problem solving, in-play feedback, rewards, leaderboards and play can bring about a more engaging, memorable and enduring learning experience. 568 more words


T-CNews January - Development articles at a glance

The art and science of one to ones

By Paul Archer from Archer Training

The science of one to ones On the left is the flowchart with all the tools that you need to run a performance-based one to one with your sales people. 823 more words


That’s how to do it.

WATCH: Pilot Transfer in Heavy Seas from BP Oil Tanker

BY MIKE SCHULER ON JANUARY 23, 2015 (Thanks for this gCaptain)

Here’s a video showing a pilot transfer in far-from-ideal conditions outside Milford Haven, Wales. 181 more words


Love and Competence in sports

I love tennis … Can I become the Indian Tennis association’s president ? I also love cycling and have done some 10000 Kms on a cycle … Can I please become the president of the Cycling federation of India ? 357 more words

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Evolusi Human Resouces Competence Development

Memang benar tidak ada yang pasti di dunia ini, hanya satu yang pasti yaitu ketidakpastian itu sendiri. Ketidakpastian itu disebabkan oleh dunia yang selalu berubah, continous changing. 471 more words

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Unwarranted Confidence, or Too Dumb to Know that I'm Dumb

I was recently introduced to a fascinating psychological concept known as the Dunning Kruger Effect.[1] One reason it grabbed my attention was that John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, was the one who introduced it to me. 680 more words



The first principle of health care is to “first do no harm”. In the complex system that we live we seem to have forgotten to whom we are responsible. 374 more words