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Understanding the Machine... we better start learning, and fast

While we often caution readers to be deliberate in their use of technology (especially social media, and especially for younger children), there is a need, an urgent need to UNDERSTAND these machines.   56 more words

The Power of Goals and Progress Tracking

After the Boston Marathon on Monday, the New York Times has a thought provoking analysis of marathon finish times. Theoretically, marathon finish times should be relatively evenly distributed around a mean. 496 more words


OFT with Bigger Teeth

Why the change?
It’s been a while coming but mounting evidence from the Citizens Advice service has shown questionable practices from consumer credit firms continue to have a detrimental impact on consumers, affecting not only their financial situation, but also their mental and physical health and family life. 1,488 more words


August 18th: Needs met=competence

I took the day off work today but I still drove one of the volunteers to work camp. I stayed to speak with some staff and went well. 122 more words


Death by a thousand insults - #climate change, social movement, individuals

What’s my contribution in the global scale of things? What harm am I doing by flying to Australia and back, in the face of a new power station every thirty seconds in China or India or somewhere like that. 196 more words


An AS9120 Certification Is An Emblem of Reliability and Competence

Companies’ products and services within the airspace industry must be able to meet critical requirements and adhere to strict rules and regulations, so they can eliminate any underlying safety issues that could affect their customers. 102 more words

Brilliant perspective on public versus private sector foul-ups!!

With wit and verve from here.

So why do we hear so much about government failures and not about private sector ones? I have one word for you: accountability.

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