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the British spell it that way;

we spell it caliber

in a world of variance and diversity, calibre is a useful concept 675 more words

Bonum Publicum



As an art dealer I am often asked for my expertise in determining the value of a work of art or antique passed on to them by Aunt Minnie or Grandpa Frank; the interrogator of the moment appears to hope that by meeting me that they have stumbled into their own Road Show host who is about to make them rich for a month or two. 159 more words


Competence ... Too little in this day and age?

After a lovely dessert I’m driving home and spot a new restaurant has opened up in the area. After pulling over, declaring I’m starving, we decide to go in and check it out. 187 more words

"Nationalistic Love"

The state of our roads is typical of the state of the nation. Full of bumps and potholes, making our developmental journey not smooth.

My love for this nation Nigeria is strong because I can’t lay claim to any other country. 138 more words


Compétence : Raconter en Histoire

R A C O N T E R 

Pour dire quoi….

C’est tout l’art de l’Histoire… Raconter, sans inventer, mais raconter pour comprendre un événement, un fait, une notion. 37 more words


Trust Over Competence Equals Politics

If a captain is chosen because of a personal relationship which results in trust, then the team soon learns that the leader can be manipulated and the subtle race for influence will begin. 52 more words


The Experience of Competence

In a recent piece, I described myself as an AHOG—an amazing, high-performance old guy.   At first glance, that looks like a substantial and probably incredible claim.  1,043 more words

Getting Old