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Excuses, Excuses...

I have a totally valid reason as to why my blogging has been nonexistent and I intend to fully explain myself TODAY!

As the select few of you know, I’ve been riding and working with not only one but two horses, and as of now I can say with pride I have both shown and WON on them! 1,011 more words

3 Day Event

the Photoshoot

The Nokia Lumia 1020′s virtues hardly need recounting – a whopping big sensor with enough pixels to fill the Grand Canyon. Add in optical image stabilization and the xenon flash and we have an early favorite. 281 more words


We are all beautiful in our own way. Trying to compete with another person is not going to make you prettier. Instead of worrying which can only give yourself grief, just smile and allow your true self to blossom.

Random Thoughts

Power... Powerlifting

13 weeks ago, I decided to do something new.  A challenge… one I felt I needed in order to get over a huge mental, emotional and physical hump. 780 more words


Just Bloom

Don’t worry about the opinion of others or what someone else is doing…get out there and DO YOUR THING!!!


Eleanor on my Mind...

The amazing Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying many very cool things. I get the feeling she was a top chick and I would have liked her very much. 179 more words

Weight Loss

Oh, Bite Me!

Occasionally when I tell people that I train my dog in bitework (aka protection), they are taken aback.  I’m teaching my dog to bite people? I call it the… 287 more words