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The Ultimate Competition Packing List

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I cannot tell you how many times I have been at a contest and have heard other competitors mention all the things they forgot to pack in their luggage. 814 more words


Balance is Harder than it Looks.

I try to be honest in that my motivation to be hard-core and strict has waned since last year.

After the mammoth weight loss and then going straight into competing –  I burned out. 419 more words

Weight Loss

Using what you have, when you have it...

I have a few vague thoughts to jot down here.  Firstly, at the weekend, I was reminded of my quest for F to be forward and off the leg, or at the very least, not sitting on my leg.  593 more words

Highland Pony

Parenting isn't a competition.

This seems like an obvious thing, right?

It’s not obvious to everyone. It wasn’t obvious to me.

I’m a competitive person. I always have been. I’m driven by the urge to be great: #1. 620 more words


The Down Side to Competing

Alright folks, not going to lie, this week has felt terrible. I’m super excited that I am just about 6 weeks away from getting on that stage, but I wish my body would share that feeling! 400 more words


Competing in the Changing World of Corporate Dentistry

The expansion of corporate dentistry brings obvious challenges to dentist-owned practices.   How can these bastions of dentistry remain relevant and compete? 344 more words


What You Need to Know Before Competing at a IBJJF Tournament

This is post is going to be about all the things you should know if you are new to competing at IBJJF tournaments. In no particular order. 332 more words