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2 Ways How Not To Be A Loser

If you spend your time feeling like a loser, you are indeed doing life wrong.
Not to sound like a certain tiger-blood man, but life is about winning. 200 more words

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Sci-Fi Hair and Makeup!

My sister is a hairdresser and yesterday there was a competition at the college she attends, her chosen theme was Sci-Fi, and this was the end result! 403 more words


Player's Ball

Here are some reasons why competing is good for you:

  • Signing up to compete usually brings a greater intensity and focus to your training. When you have a goal such as a tournament to work toward, you tend to train harder and more often than you normally would, which is good for your Jiu-Jitsu overall.
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The Perfect Touch Of Love

She looked at herself in the mirror. She had immersed herself so much in her work that she hardly paid heed to her skin.

She was awarded the college queen and look where she has ended up. 467 more words

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That Perfect Place Called HOME!

I have always loved the idea of designing my home because for me, home is so much more than just a place. Home is the abode which brings you memories. 479 more words

A Shade Of Pen

One Click – A Big Step!

With the make in India campaign sponsored by the revered Prime Minister going places, we would hope that India would swiftly climb up the progress ladder. 449 more words

A Shade Of Pen