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Why Millennials Don't Want To Buy Stuff

The concept of shopping has shifted from owning stuff to buying into new ideas. 

As all forms of media make their journey into a digital, de-corporeal space, research shows that people are beginning to actually  193 more words

5 Ways to Make Time for Webinars

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On Monday mornings, one of my first tasks is to go into my calendar and assess my schedule for the week. 674 more words

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As an individual, what is your competitive advantage?  It was the Harvard Business School professor, Michael Porter that introduced the idea of competitive advantage. 932 more words

Get your customers more satisfied through consulting firms!

Success is a sweet fruit that is obtained after hard work. It is the fruit of your sacrifice and dedication. Business completely relies on the work and decisions made by the management and the smart work done by the team. 282 more words

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Why Scotland can succeed with Small Business Values

Thursday 18th September is a monumental day for the people of Scotland – The simple question is “Should Scotland be an Independent Country?” I shall omit political views and focus this article on how Scotland can become a great wee nation by applying the values of a successful small business. 526 more words

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Return on Investment with Big Data

The Challenge

As travel companies struggle to differentiate themselves between each other and with margins constantly under threat, big data in theory offers these travel companies an opportunity to grow by using all this data that they are collecting.  1,090 more words

Big Data

can I get a little hate?

I’m fascinated by branding. Not the marking-cows-so-the-don’t-get-rustled kind. The kind of branding that’s about identity and messaging and clear authenticity. How clear? If No One Hates You, No One is Paying Attention… 915 more words

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