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Tesco Homeplus #dsmmcm1415

An alternative marketing campaign and business strategy working brilliantly together #dsmmcm1415

Tesco entered the South Korean market and changed their name to Homeplus. Eventually they grew to become the number two supermarket in South Korea, with an aim to be number one. 378 more words


The Best Business Opportunities Have High Entry Barriers and Risk

Whenever I facilitate either strategy sessions or deliver the introductory session to my hallmark Entrepreneur Orientation Program the first thing I always ask participants is “Does your business have a competitive advantage in its field”. 745 more words


Glenn Hubbard: Why the Internet won’t kill B-School classrooms

At 12:01 a.m. on August 1, 1981, MTV began its first broadcast by playing a video for the hit Buggles song, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” It was an opening salvo for a revolution in the music industry, which caused no small amount of anxiety for many who foresaw a future of music via television. 693 more words


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Dean Hubbard in the News: Non-Controversial Edition Dean Hubbard can be a polarizing figure among our alumni when he ventures into national politics. But as an educator and thought leader in management education, he's indubitably on safe ground. Not surprisingly as a leader of large-scale institutions, his insightful arguments derive from the fact that institutions have history -- and in fact further still: few classes of institutions have had longevity measured in multiple centuries. And it is precisely those Universities whose reputations for excellence have been built over centuries that have accrued intangibles based upon physical proximity and networks (to say nothing of nostalgia).   It's early in the game, to be sure.  But that's always the case when one takes the long view. Right-on, Dean Hubbard. Read on, Columbia Alums.

  • High quality apartments (built-in kitchen, central-heated natural gas usage, furnished apartments for 1+1 and 2+1)
  • High security measures
  • Social activities (Semi olympic swimming pool, kiddy pool, fitness, jacuzzi, spa center, beauty salon, lobby and meeting room, cafe and restaurant)
Competıtıve Advantage

You want a job? You bend, not the employer

I am amazed at the me, me, me perspective that so many job hunters approach job seeking these days. I know I have mentioned this in kind previously but I seem to keep coming across more and more examples of this. 367 more words

KnowledgeTrak: Ray Kroc and why business systems matter in any industry…

The purpose of a business system is to provide a structure that enables a company to create competitive advantages and capitalize on them.

Ray Kroc may not have pioneered the first hamburger chain when he started a franchise under the McDonald’s brothers in 1955, but he did pioneer the American hamburger chain as we now know it. 787 more words


How To Get The Edge By Creating Breakthroughs

Peter Drucker believed the concept of business is marketing and innovation. An innovation has to be marketed. In my experience of working with business leaders over the past 26 years if you don’t understand how to match customer needs you can destroy a company with the wrong leader. 325 more words

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