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'LEAGUE OF LEGENDS' FINALS: Meet the kids facing off in the biggest sporting event of the month

“League of Legends” is one of the most popular e-sports games in the world right now, boasting a staggering 67 million active monthly players, according to a recent article in The New York Times. 979 more words


University Recognizes Video Games as a Varsity Sports

Robert Morris University has become the first University to recognize  competitive video games as a varsity sports. Does this mean we’ll soon see stadiums full of crowds cheering on a game of “Blades of Steel”? 385 more words

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ECS Season 1 Grand Finals: Symbiote Gaming vs. Team Snowflake

The ESV Championship Series concluded their first season last week. Through out the entire season, the ECS has brought viewers some amazing games from some of the best teams currently playing the in Alpha. 379 more words


Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Developers Commentary Trailer

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Developers Commentary Trailer.

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Playing With a Purpose

At this time today, I have committed five long years to the art of virtual ass whooping. I started playing Street Fighter 4 in 2009, and it is now the year 2014. 720 more words

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Day[2] Competitive Gamers, and moving forward

Hello, I’m back as promised with my second post since moving to WordPress over from Tumblr. Initially I stated that on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday I would be posting for sure, and I still plan on keeping that promise. 2,160 more words