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Access GRASS 7 data in QGIS

QGIS supports GRASS in two different ways. 1) For those working with GRASS databases, there is the GRASS toolbox, which basically offered an alternative GUI to GRASS. 287 more words


How to compile the linux kernel

Download a kernel source from kernel.org and let’s suppose that it is extracted in the directory ~/linux-x.yy.zz

Sometimes it can be a good idea to start with a current kernel configuration. 177 more words


Build LAMMPS on MAC and Deepthought using INTEL compilers

This post is to show how to compile LAMMPS on MAC OS X and on Deepthought HPC used in University of Maryland. I try to make this instruction general. 1,230 more words

Academic Life

Latest wpa_supplicant cross compiling

libnl 3.2.4

openssl 1.0.1j

wpa_supplicant 2.3

Modified .config file for wpa_supplicant in RED

DESTDIR = $(shell pwd)/../../install
CFLAGS += -I$(DESTDIR)/usr/include -I$(DESTDIR)/usr/include/libnl3
LDFLAGS += -L$(DESTDIR)/usr/lib -ldl



Installing Astrometry.net on OSX

I’ve been taking some astronomy pictures with a pro-sumer level DSLR with no tracking mount. This results in very grainy images. So I thought I’d see how much of an improvement I would get with taking a small number of images in a row and stacking them. 406 more words


Building and Installing a Kernel

This post is about how to install a new kernel from source.

The latest source code for the Linux kernel is kept on kernel.org. You can either download the full source code as a tar ball (not recommended and will take forever to download), or you can check out the code from the read-only… 795 more words


How to compile LESS file and generate minified version of CSS file

There are various third party compilers are available which can compile less file to create CSS file.

Also there are number of Online Less Compilers… 151 more words