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Prefer Runtime Constants over Compile time Constants

public readonly string CONFIG_FILE_NAME = "web.config"; // runtime constant
public const string CONFIG_FILE_NAME = "web.config"; // compile time constant

what is the need to prefer  106 more words

Installing OpenSSH 6.6p1 on Ubuntu 13.10 "Saucy"

Ubuntu 14.04 includes a new version of OpenSSH. Version 6.2, which is present in Saucy has a vulnerability which potentially could lead to it being exploited. 222 more words


Neat C# 5 feature

C# 5 is mostly all about asynchronous programming but thats not the only thing that changed or has been added.
There are also some new nice attributes for optional parameters. 60 more words


[C programming]1.2 How to compile and run a C program under Unix

1.Write a “Hello World” Program

See http://andyatusc.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/helloworld-c/


Input command: gcc HelloWorld.c -o HelloWorld

If no error is shown, there will be an file called “HelloWorld”. 66 more words

C Programming

speed up gwt compilation

1. use “


in the gwt-maven-plugin configuration.

2. use another build profile to limit permutation:

HERE is the detail .

To set gwt up, use : 21 more words