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Speak Up!

One day, the shadows will hide no longer
in the reflections of lost men.
The mind and heart will come together
and once again become good friends… 88 more words


Winter sucks.

I hate winter. I hate Christmas. I hate early morning buses. I pretty much hate everything.

Level On Problem

We keep saying that our problem is nothing compare to them just to make us stronger and be able to stand against those hurricanes, but I always feel even though I keep saying those words to myself, this problem that I had is just way too much that I can’t even handle it. 105 more words


12 Hours Later

It’s now quarter to eight on the same Sunday evening and I’m still lying here in bed as before. I’ve left my room thrice to drink some water and to use the toilet. 365 more words


Got Your “Whine” On?

My study of Exodus this week lands me in chapters 15 to 18:27 as the Israelites are learning to walk with God. They’ve escaped Egypt through the miraculous parting of the Red Sea, and God has protected them once more by leading them (albeit on a long, indirect route) to a safe spot in the desert, a spot where He knew they’d be able to avoid attack. 650 more words

Sonlight Inspiration

No One Cares

It’s quarter past eight on a Sunday morning and I’m lying in bed choking back the uninvited tears. The makeup I had so carefully applied for the wedding yesterday is now streaming down my face. 477 more words