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What are you raising?

So many times it is easy to complain about our problems instead of praying about them. When we complain, it raises our stress levels. When we pray, it raises our faith. 53 more words


Here I am again, bitching and complaining. I feel like an ungrateful little brat- I promise I’m not like this in person!

So I live with my mom, which is fine for both of us. 378 more words

I need advice

My ex-boyfriend and I continue to be friends, but my need for our relationship again is pushing him away. I feel like if I dont talk to him he will “forget me” and I keep talking to him its making him not want to deal with me. 28 more words


Repeat Performances

Many of us…including me… complain about the leadership and the state of our country but we must remember that all authority is established by God. … 55 more words

Food For Thought


Winter is a really cool sight to see – literally cool! Everything seems so pretty with all the white stuff falling on them. Everything’s white! And it’s definitely a unique sight for a person who came from a country that doesn’t have winters. 562 more words

Users complain iOS 8.1.1 riddled with bugs

Apple recently rolled out iOS 8.1.1, which speeds up the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The update also came with bug fixes and enhancements, but it also spawned new issues for iOS users. 146 more words

And maybe when the night is dead I'll crawl into my bed

Ever feel like your life is just speeding by, yet you have days where you don’t really do anything monumental?
That is basically my everyday, but I’m especially feeling it today. 481 more words