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I've written this unedited and unfinished blog to complain !

Complaining and obsessing over somethingĀ is something I am really good at. Nowadays, I’ve been thinking about my state of unemployment. My thoughts hurt so much that I ended up looking at Google about ‘ how to earn money ?’, ‘how to be a millionaire before 25?’ and other how to do blah blah blah. 347 more words



“Mommy, he started it!”

“No! He started it!”

The eternal fight of the siblings.

To rant or not to rant

Last year, New World Hotel, Makati gave me one of the WORST hotel experiences in the history of forever. I was furious.

We all have that feeling of entitlement: we’re entitled to a good product and excellent service as paying customers. 888 more words

Life Reflections


Everywhere, everyone is experiencing context and the dynamics within context are affecting our minds and hearts. At some point we will reach an internal enough regarding an external context. 11 more words



sometimes we should extract the negative vibes by writing

Everyday is a new battle with all the negative vibes around us. All I notice now is constant ranting and blaming our generation like we don’t have anything better to do.

208 more words

Renewing Our Minds?

What is it about Drama that attracts people?

Some want to help?

Some likes the fact that you’re struggling?

Some like the fact that you’re failing? 236 more words


Don't Complain: Pray. Speak. Make a Move

Good Morning guys. Today’s looking like a good day from here, what about you? Hey it can only get better right? The Sun is out in full force already, but then,this is Nigeria right and we have about 3 suns if I’m correct. 519 more words