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Practice Baby

Foolishly, and ignoring the quiet indications that I was getting into trouble, I agreed to dog-sit my cousin’s 11 year old poodle mix on prozac. And now I know what it will be like to have a baby. 313 more words

Complain Complain Complain

Every single time of every second I am with you I wish I was deaf because all you do is complain when you do nothing. Do not complain if you do not do shit. 76 more words


No Right to Complain, you old folks

There are times when you think you’ve been through a lot of bullshit and that gives you enough right to be a bitch to the world, but then you meet someone and you talk to them and you realize that what you’ve been through is not even halfway as bad as what they’re going through and while you are here acting all so wise and awful because you think you’ve overcome so many hardships, this someone is so cheerful and generous to the world that you can barely see any trace of their broken pieces. 452 more words

Trying to see the silver linings

So I’ve had a shitty week.

So far, I’ve had to take three days off my new job without pay for a stomach bug. I’ve missed out on seeing an old high school friend who lives overseas and was only in town for 24 hours, I missed out on having my brother and his lovely girlfriend over to celebrate her 30th birthday, I’ve had to bail on going to my friend’s house warming party in the sunny wine country, had a work team day yesterday where I ended up with a short black curly hair in my very dry catered sandwich and then I missed out on a free piss up and dinner with my new work, managed to have a top quality argument with my partner about him not wanting me to go snowboarding with his family this weekend, and as I’ve spent the last 12 hours crying my eyelash extensions are stuck together and I look like all the hung over piss heads that are my colleagues after last night – at least I blend in with the red puffy eyes… just without the fun memories or lack thereof. 171 more words

Reasons to Love PMS

Early this morning, as my partner prepared to leave for work, some part of me thought it would be a good idea to engage her in an argument. 644 more words


Bridal Party Do's & Don'ts

As photographers, we have seen a lot of weddings, and most certainly some “things to do” and “things to avoid”,  so here’s a little list for the bridal party to help make the wedding day go a bit smoother… 243 more words