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I'm not one to complain but...

Oh God, it happened again. There was a time when I would’ve quite happily sat quietly and drunk my gritty coffee; ‘no, no it’s ok. I always take my coffee with a spoon full of grounds mixed through it’, rather than having the gall to claim that the barista can’t make coffee for shit. 486 more words

G-Poppers... November 28, 2014

 Jonathots Daily Blog


Finishing up a fine meal, friends and family gather and decide to probe the mind of G-Pop.

“Speaking of eating, G-Pop, what do you think of the meal?” 176 more words

Jonathan's Thoughts

The Train Stories: On the left, on the right.

The Man on the Left:

Just tell me already. My eyes tire and my soul becomes silent. I start to watch the world around me as if I am watching a movie. 114 more words


Why is it so hard

Lately, i realized that I’ve been complaining and complaining and complaining. About the job mostly. No.. I don’t want to talk about the job, but I just wanna talk about doing complain. 423 more words

Great Life Lesson

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners complain about easily-scratched screens

The new iPhones may be the hottest-selling smartphones of this year, but they are surrounded in controversy. First there was the bendgate fiasco, showing the iPhone 6 Plus can be easily bent with just a small amount of pressure. 145 more words

To tweet? Or not to tweet? That is the question..

When it comes to social media, some businesses are terrified. Surpringly, it’s the big brands that are more worried about damaging content than smaller ones. And who can blame them? 525 more words

Social Media

Dating men who complain.

You think you’ve heard it all: the criticisms that have been directed towards yourself, your comportment, your dress sense, and even your face by the very man who swears he loves you. 438 more words