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Could you shut up?

You ever talk a friend, family member our significant other and wish they would just SHUT THE FUCK UP?!?! I get so tired of people hitching, moaning and whining. 53 more words

The Truth

The Daily Read: Make the Change or Don't Complain

If something is out of your control, don’t worry about it. If it is in your control, own it and shut the hell up.

Today’s daily read may be tough love for some of you. 543 more words

The Daily Read

Chickadee-dee-dee-ing or Crowing?

Nature’s candy, as big as quarters!  Somebody pinch me, I’m dreaming!

I was picking Blueberries in a serene little setting a few days ago.  A few majestic Oak trees and softer Willows that surrounded the blueberry patch were filled with the trills, chuwees, chick-a-dee-dee-dees, and coo-coos of birds that had probably already picked and eaten what… 414 more words

Daily Blogs

{Marriage} Complaining about my blessings.

By: Mandy Hill

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

It’s 6:42 am. 485 more words

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I’m good at making excuses for why I can’t.

Have a tendency to give up on things that are too hard.

So, I can identify fully with Moses and Jeremiah when God came calling on their lives. 493 more words

Bible Study

To the Unfortunately Heartbroken Yet Annoyingly Complaining Nice Guys.

One spontaneous weekend, I got coaxed into going to Vegas with my best guy friend from high school and a few of his frat bros. The drive was long and boring, and I knew as much about his friends as I could know from their Instagrams, so I decided to hit them with the question that I always ask guys when I want to dig a little deeper: 1,034 more words


Thought of the Day: Complaining

Complaining is one of those actions that i think should be used sparingly. Firstly, it doesn’t actually achieve anything, expect perhaps to make you even more worked up over your problems or to turn you into a bitter and irritating person, and therefore it’s just wasted energy. 178 more words