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27. On Winter Storms

My newest pet peeve is people who say “it’s winter, what did you expect?”

Bitching about the weather is an inalienable right. It’s not expectations, it’s cold.

Writing 2015

Say something nice....

I was reading an article on the internet the other day and it suggested trying to spend a whole day without complaining so I set myself the challenge of TRYING to do this. 464 more words

Things That Need To Stop In 2K15… But Then Something Amazing Happened!

Welp, as usual, I’m late because… well I’m just so lazy, guys ☹. Happy New Year, nonetheless, homey dawgs! *throws up gang signs*

Seeing that I am the foremost authority on how to live life while being beautiful, intelligent, witty, gorgeous, flawless, smart, charming, hilarious and most importantly humble, I have devised a list of things that need to go away in 2015: 1,006 more words


Just A Thought

There are two type of people living lives that they aren’t happy with. The ones that are stuck and trying everything they can to get unstuck. 550 more words


Week Three: Depression Hidden In Confidence

The team duo, Chevi and Jordi, the backbone and the feet. Together we complimented each other, I led my life the way I felt I wanted it to go and Chevi made sure that we could find our way back in case I changed my mind. 538 more words


With love and regards to those who devour

In every gnash teeth, bullet vest narcissist
Anti-social, sociopath, tinpot, despot to the strong and infamous
Is the sneaking admiration of the legions sheep
With true love for their vulpine tormentors… 58 more words

From Bad Experiences to Amazing Changes

So I had a rather bad experience today. I’m not going to go into what it was, but I will say that it helped me reach some decisions that I’ve been grappling with for some time now. 275 more words