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Orientation is grueling...

Holy shit. Orientation at the CIA is the most dumb time consuming thing I have ever experienced. They repeat the same garbage regarding the rules as most institutions do: Don’t touch each others privates without each other permission, Don’t drunk the alcohol, Durgs R BAdZ 4 u and lastly and most importantly DRESS CODE. 760 more words

Culinary Institute Of America


A foggy haze, headed dripping maze

Fallen out of shoe boxes out of beds of craze

Coffee here and Alcohol there,

Twin Goddesses pulling out our hair- 53 more words


I need help but I don't want to sound like a complainer!

Have you ever suppressed your feelings because you didn’t want to sound like you were complaining?  I have. In this video I discuss the difference between complaining and voicing.  Check it out!

Turning over a new leaf

I read  through my last posts, and I saw that I’ve been really cranky, mean, and in general non likable. That’s not a good thing, I know. 340 more words


Why the Education System is a Load of Carp.

Holy canolee I am slacking on the posts. School has taken over my entire life, or in other words, by the time I finish writing papers about the economy and politics, the thought of typing another word on my laptop almost makes me physically ill. 693 more words


The spooky grad-student hell dream

I few months ago I saw a production of “The Book of Mormon”– the musical written by the creators of South Park. I didn’t really like the (ethnocentric and racist) storyline, but some of the songs were catchy and fun. 222 more words

Graduate School

A Heated Topic

As it gets colder outside I find myself dipping more and more into my box of kindling. Ah yes, it’s that time to comb through the… 438 more words