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Complaint to BT: MY Invoice

*It’s important to note that with this email I copied in the personal email of Joe Garner, CEO of BT Openreach/Broadband*

Dear BT,

Usually when I complain to companies, I have a pretty regimented structure which goes thusly: 1,104 more words

Complaint Letter

An Open Letter to Arby's Restaurants

After visiting one of your restaurants recently, I felt compelled … make that obligated to write your company and tell you about my negative experience at store #5274 (located at 3847 Veterans Blvd. 1,300 more words

My Complaint letter to Pure Gym....

Dear Mr (or Mrs or Ms) Pure Gym

I am writing to complain about your current flyer campaign in Leeds. It’s not the flyers as such that upset me, it’s the fact that I feel I am being unfairly targeted by your young, fresh faced,  athletic ‘PR’ people. 304 more words


My Complaint letter to Network Rail.....

Dear Sirs

I would like to heartily congratulate you for the world class incompetence I witnessed this morning at Leeds Train Station. Not only was I hung over but I was also in post-traumatic stress after suffering the misfortune of a horrendous table tennis accident the night before. 403 more words


On the Question of Casteism and Social Justice

By Himanshi Sharma and Prateeksha Pandey


This post is a general response to the various criticisms put forward since the publishing of our last blog-post about ARG’s response. 905 more words

Individual Student Responses