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The Value of RPB Roadshows: Forewarned is Forearmed

Having just returned from a fantastic trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, I have yet to catch up on domestic news, so I thought I’d plug the silence gap with some tips that I picked up from the RPBs’ autumn roadshows. 2,923 more words

Other Guidance

BMOrg Asks For A Gift AGAIN

As if we don’t have anything better to do with our money at Christmas time. Anyone else get one of these?

It’s not even a week since… 576 more words


FOCO Update and Request for Feedback

Over the past several weeks, FOCO has been working to communicate to the Ombudsman several of the complaints we have received. We are keeping track of the issues that we have raised, and hope to be able to publish the feedback that we receive from the FOC when it becomes available. 210 more words


peri-peri complain shame

Like most of the country, I really love a Nando’s. In fact, Nando’s is probably my one true love, and if I could marry it, I would. 708 more words


A Holiday Treat: Bad Santa

So in my previous life as a mall marketing misfit, I had to wear quite a variety of hats as part of the overriding goal to drive traffic, sales, and EBITDA/NOI.  1,390 more words

Life Thoughts

Wedding Photographer Ruined My Life

Katie Shox:
This is a message to anyone in the Midlands who is getting married in the near future and still hasn’t booked a photographer. Do not, under any circumstances, hire Richard Peahead. 468 more words


Cinema lyf: the CONS

Working at a movie theatre does have it’s advantages. It’s relatively easy work with the benefit of seeing movies at the cinema free of charge. However, at my cinema, I put up with so much shit, the free movies can sometimes seem like small compensation!! 940 more words