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Email: Restorative Engagement Confrence

from: Richard Matthews
to: DART coord <DARTcoord@ag.gov.au>,
DART – Complainant Liaison <DART-ComplainantLiaison@ag.gov.au>,
“david.fredericks@ag.gov.au” <david.fredericks@ag.gov.au>,
Jane Caruana <jane.caruana@ag.gov.au>,
“kate.wandmaker@ag.gov.au” <kate.wandmaker@ag.gov.au>,
“matt.hall@ag.gov.au” <matt.hall@ag.gov.au>,
“robyn.kurk@ag.gov.au” <robyn.kurk@ag.gov.au>

date: 23 October 2014 11:53… 199 more words


Emoticom and Endearments

A friend of mine was complaining a few weeks ago about a collegue flirting with them and I have to ask what is with people using emoji’s and flirting at the same time? 177 more words


Listening Is Not a Source of Contagion

Tap, tap, tap, what are we to do when friends and relatives speak a litany of illnesses and tests?  Yes, exactly that, tap, tap, tap on those Chinese acupuncture points as you listen with your whole heart and soul and every ounce of your spirit. 235 more words

Personal Development

When They Are Sick, It Sickens You

I (Charlie) am a great patient-mostly because I am never sick.

Debbie, on the other hand, is the WORST patient I know-for a couple of reasons.   115 more words


24w4d- Exhaustion and always hungry....

What a terrible combination, although it could be worse…

Ever since the start of this pregnancy the exhaustion and hunger have been most times extreme. I thought the doctors were wrong about me losing a twin early, in fact I swore up until 18 weeks I still had another baby in there! 528 more words

24w4d- A wasted trip and other stuff

My youngest son had an appointment with his Autism doctor today….miles away from where I live….or so we thought….

I am on modified bedrest, really i’m not supposed to be up outta my chair or bed etc… I am only allowed basic care of myself (potty, shower, cooking simple quick meals) and basic care of my kids….I can go outside the home to get things done, but my guy has to be with me at all times because I am such a hemorrhage risk, especially if I am far away (or away in general) from a hospital…. 1,204 more words

You're So Far Away

There’s something about falling in love with someone so far away that is just so incredibly surreal. Long distance relationships are like a forbidden fruit in the dating world. 338 more words