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A Lesson In Customer Service

This week I had an email from a knitter who had bought one of my patterns.  She was struggling to follow the directions and wanted to check with me because she thought there might be a mistake. 289 more words


Other Highlights From My Six Months As A Perkins Bus Boy

…In addition to fishing unused jelly packets out of the trash to rinse off and put back on the dining room tables (previously referenced in… 349 more words

Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is

Watched "Snowpiercer"

Boy oh boy what a disappointment.

She had been so looking forward to seeing it, most of last year.

She ordered it from Netflix streaming yesterday. 129 more words


The continuation of the Halloween Costume Saga

A short post, but good news, I think.  Some of you might remember my efforts to get Amazon to remove its Halloween costumes last year that referred to mental illness. 226 more words


Inflated bills - Airtel International Roaming

As a business person, sometimes you’ll have to be connected with your employees and clients even on holidays! Thus started the Airtel fiasco with my number. 666 more words


Has the IBO always gone overboard with criteria?

At the Nanjing International School, we use both the IBO curriculum and we are trying to adopt NoTosh’s ideas about Design Thinking.

I might argue that since we are trying to follow both the IB Design Curriculum AND Design Thinking we ask students to choose from at least one strand in each criterion.   476 more words


Christian Complaints

Lord Change My Attitude Before it’s too Late, did for me.   The author details the wilderness experiences of the Biblical Israelites that occurred as a result of their constant complaining.  360 more words

Jesus Christ