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I wanted to step out in front of the bus.

I have just done the school pick up run.

Whilst waiting in between two cars, to cross the road, a bus was coming and I had a real need to want to just step out in front of it, which would be the end. 82 more words

Was the last 5 years, all just to cut the wounds deeper?

This just came to my mind and I am now having a major increase in anxiety, so I’m breathing and trying to stop an anxiety attack. 91 more words

I'm starting to wonder if I need to move away from 'Christian' counselling...

The last few years have revealed so much to me about how screwed up most Christians are about abuse and how to deal with it, and I see this is more of a problem than outside of Christianity. 102 more words

Why labelling abusers due to their behaviour IS needed.

‘Society wants to avoid labels; however, avoiding the truth also prevents “bullies” from diagnoses, treatment, & change.’

I agree with this.

This was posted to me on Twitter, in response to me saying – calling abuse ‘bullying’ minimizes the severity and harm of abuse caused to the victims. 83 more words

No, I don't want paedophiles, rapists, sex offenders etc, to be beaten up, abused back.

I spend a lot of time analysing my thoughts. Because, I never want them to be irrational, unreasonable, or affected by my past severe trauma history. 561 more words