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You know what makes me angry? Well, okay, let’s be fair, not really “ANGRY” but annoyed? I’m sitting here overhearing a conversation between a coworker and her husband on the phone (I can’t help it, she’s right beside me in the kitchen). 576 more words

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Happiest Boy

Colt had a great birthday! One of the best he’s had in his life, he told us over and over :) I have never had so much fun spoiling him with gifts and pizza and ice cream cake…he loved every moment. 280 more words

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A brilliant sun rise on a special day

It’s Colt’s 10th Birthday today. TEN. Ten YEARS…holy smokes does time ever fly. Last night while I wrapped his presents D blew up balloons and hung streamers. 515 more words

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Writing the process

Anger has fueled some of best decisions and what others would consider worst mistakes.
I am angry. I am angry about life being on a stand still, I am angry about the contradiction of my behaviour when I care deeply or even love someone, my lack of sleep, my patience for those who show me none, my impatience for those who show me it all, oh man. 1,108 more words

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Un-pause the game now, it's boring

I remembered earlier this week that it is but a few months to the anniversaries.  It centres around the sexual abuse,  as the physical abuse was a constant so that’s all year round.  703 more words

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A "Spark of the Divine"

Let Us make man-kind in Our Image.

Genesis 1:26

There’s a drug that my psychiatrist prescribed for me a few weeks ago called Prazosin. It’s for PTSD.

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