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And now all anyone wants me to do....is minimize/suppress, all the trauma.

It has been 2 years of coming to an understanding of the severity of all the trauma and abuse I have been through. It has been deeply painful and emotionally, more than I can handle. 507 more words

A moment before I sleep. At 430 pm.

Hey all. So I find myself with an extra 15 minutes before I drop off the face of the earth at 4:38 PM and I wanted to type a blog so I logged onto my computer to discover that it’s broken. 1,020 more words

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I don't know anymore, which thinking and beliefs, are the self harm.

The only good part of this, is at least I know there could be unhealthy thinking, either way.

And everyone has a different opinion.

I know Christians will say…..ahhh but you don’t need to do anything but pray. 137 more words

My mother resented me, and didn't want to love me, so did the opposite of love.

My mother got pregnant with me, while having an affair with a married man. He didn’t leave his wife when she got pregnant.

She raised me as a single mother, for 6 years, and always made a point of reminding me often, how hard that was for her, in a way that blamed me. 90 more words