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Nothing of human capacity, will undo, or fix the unmet childhood needs, or psychological damage, of severe childhood complex trauma.

Last night, was a bad night. Deep realisations, hurting like being beaten up, hurting every part of me. Depths of pain and emotions, that put me back into a fragile and dark place, that is only ever just below the surface. 1,104 more words

An emotion provoking post from my inner child's pain.

This post received emotional reactions on my community page and I feel so deeply for anyone, who has been through this….

It is bad enough to have even one person abusing you in childhood.. 180 more words

I need visuals...journey from scary & dark swamp...to the light again.

I feel like the last few months, I have been wading through this dark, filthy, scary swamp, trying to see my way through the murky swamp water, with little light, almost no visibility, each step unknown as to what I will feel, and too many painful and fear inducing things along the way. 83 more words

Done for a while, researching/thinking, about abusive people. Time to believe I deserve 'nice' stuff.

I have a pretty extensive knowledge of abusive people, from personal experience being abused by them and from research and counselling, and I am aware I have insight and the capacity to pick on unhealthy traits easily. 538 more words

Dear society, please stop putting time frames on people's healing...

Everyone is different.

Every journey is different.

Only God knows how long each person needs to heal.

For some it may be fairly quick, for some it may be a few years, for some longer and for some it will be a lifelong journey. 30 more words