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Meeting up with a friend tomorrow and really looking forward to it.

I haven’t been out much over the last few months, PTSD symptoms and isolating stuff pretty bad, hives, anxiety.

A lovely friend contacted me and asked about catching up tomorrow, which was such good timing, because I have been feeling so much better yesterday and today and feel up to getting out. 94 more words

I Don't Trust AAer's

Here I go, morphing again. I feel like I’m riding the Matterhorn at Disneyland. The Matterhorn is a roller-coaster that you ride in complete darkness. You can’t see anything so you don’t know what’s coming next. 354 more words


Self Rewards

As I said earlier, I was able to read an entire book in one day. The book was called “Telling Yourself the Truth“.

The most singular thing which stood out in this book was that of self-rewards. 391 more words

Child Abuse

The 'Introject'

Going through this process, I’ve been thinking in metaphor a lot.

Lately, in the process of my recovery path through the minefield of no addictions, I’ve been thinking about the word ‘introject’.  597 more words

Child Abuse

How a day can turn from a crappy start - to truly wonderful!

My day started pretty badly, but improved considerably. I realised people have their different opinions on what I do, and that does not have to have any impact on me, or my mood, or my understanding of situations. 297 more words

Having a 'what the hell am I doing' moment.

I have a Facebook community page, that I set up in Jan 2013. Since then, I have diligently posted a significant amount of info and provided a significant amount of support to people. 418 more words

People are weird.....I'm weird.....everyone is weird. My conclusion for today! I think?

I’ve decided I like weird.

Or ‘different’ – is probably the more ‘acceptable’ word.

I don’t have to accept the bad, harmful, abusive, lying, manipulative stuff. 86 more words