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Breaking up the ice of trauma

Healing childhood trauma is damn hard work. The survival tactics that saved us then do not  serve us now, and can even become a source of imprisonment. 567 more words

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Complex PTSD & Concentration.

Actually I should say Complex PTSD & complete lack of concentration.

I am obsessed with travel & my favourite thing is to read travel books & articles. 286 more words

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Owning My Past Energetic Wounds

I have recognized that my body holds my past energetic wounds deep inside my tissues, and I am working on letting the energy flow daily. I just spent an hour re-listening to Panache Desai’s first seminar in his Energy Immersion Program called Vibrational Attunement. 285 more words

Complex PTSD

Learning to embrace the darkness

I learned to embrace darkness and its power to heal while living on an island in Lake Michigan. For 15 years I raised my four children alone, with little in the way of support. 396 more words


I shouldn't of done that but I didn't know what else to do

Iv been struggling so badly lately & last night I did something I shouldn’t of done.

After having a few to many drinks I was so desperate to end it all. 264 more words

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