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The Power of My Primal Hungers

I am still feeling the effects of my therapist being on medical leave for 5 weeks. Again, it got me so in touch with my primal hungers and longings. 641 more words

Complex PTSD

I Don't Care Much for Love

(an e-mail I sent to my pastor in response to the sermon he gave today. Regarding something he talked about that made me think on the word – compassion.) 263 more words


PTSD Is...

I have been part of a writing/art group for PTSD sufferers for about a week now. A few days ago, one of the prompts was to describe what your particular experience of PTSD is like. 472 more words

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PTSD stirkes again!

My thirty year old niece is beginning to put the pieces of her mothers past together with her mothers frequent emotional outbursts and meltdowns. Recently, my father shared that my six brothers, my sister and I, may not really be brothers and sisters after all. 381 more words

Lessons Learned While My Therapist Was Unavailable!

My therapist was on medical leave for 5 weeks. This period of separation brought to me many life lessons and experiences. The biggest lessons were touching into my deepest and primal hungers, longings and fears and to experience the ache of these emotions deep in the core of my being. 606 more words

Complex PTSD