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Learning to say "No."

Many people — for all kinds of reasons — have trouble using the word “No” and have to work at feeling comfortable saying it to some of life’s demands. 594 more words

Mental Health

Things are OK with Mama Bear after all

Ever since some point this spring, I have been struggling in my relationship with Mama Bear. I have had 4, maybe 5 crises with her since this started, which is completely unusual for me. 1,538 more words

This is a really powerful ad that the ISPCC made two years ago. It brings home what emotional abuse does to a child. Please be aware it is extremely triggering if you’ve ever been emotionally abused. 14 more words

Mental Illness

Feeling Old!

I remember when I thought other people were old.

That number progressed as I got older

When I was 20 I thought 40 was old and 50 was ancient… 143 more words

Finding the meaning in Life?

Bombarded with the constant mantra of American culture, more is better, achievement, status, success, and power will bring you happiness.
Something is off! 42 more words


Choice #WOTW

I was abused
that wasnt a choice
I was tortured
that wasnt a choice
I was starved, or forced to eat food I didnt like… 129 more words