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Something I've never really acknowledged openly, I have been attracted to women.

My husband knows this, always has and he’s always been okay with it. And I have kissed women, drunk, in my 20’s.

I never admitted this to any ‘church people’ because the ones I knew have abusive views about this. 528 more words

Alice Miller quote that sums up many child abuser church people's issue.

It is quite pathetic how many church people run with the Bible verses they feel enabled them to abuse their children, yet don’t want to consider their children require the same amount of respect as adults. 44 more words

Happy Where I Am

A constant thought that has dogged me for years is that I did not do more with my life.  I have spent years showering myself with “should” statements.   276 more words

Finding Me (A Story Of Overcoming PTSD)

Numb, but I do acknowledge I nearly died yesterday.

I’ve been avoiding this all day and I can’t process my emotions about this, because I know if I ‘go there’ – the shame, guilt and self hatred will kick in. 138 more words

Beautiful song - Don't Bring Me Down ~ Sia


Don’t Bring Me Down ~ Sia

Faint light of dawn
I’m listening to you
Breathing in and breathing out
Needing nothing

You’re honey dipped… 249 more words