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I'm deeply homesick for, and ready to be where I belong.

I know in my heart, I am truly done with this life.

I’ve already been through so much, so many different types of abuse and abusers and I know I want out. 169 more words

Acceptance of not expecting people, to be like myself.

I have spent a lifetime, being on the receiving end of being let down, hurt, betrayed by people.

I’ve had more than my fair share of this. 342 more words

Living, the c-PTSD way.

Wikipedia, the obviously definitive guide to all human knowledge, describes the symptoms of complex PTSD in the following way:


Adult symptom cluster

Adults with C-PTSD have sometimes experienced prolonged interpersonal traumatization as children as well as prolonged trauma as adults. 588 more words

Mental Health

Niacin for depression and anxiety

Despite the negative press last week about high doses of Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) being dangerous in regards to treating high cholesterol, I am living proof that Niacin, in nicotinic acid form, taken at high doses works miracles in treating anxiety and depression.   306 more words

Finding Me (A Story Of Overcoming PTSD)

There comes a point, when you just need to let go of your old life.

I finally give up and accept that part of my life is over and move on.

It’s easier to just burn the bridge, grieve and get over it. 45 more words

Feeling increasingly depressed over the last few days & PTSD increasing.

A lot of the processing I do, isn’t bringing happiness. It’s the reality of the world I live in, what it is driven by, who it is driven by, and how much abuse, harm, terror, pain and suffering there is the world. 288 more words