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Having a 'what the hell am I doing' moment.

I have a Facebook community page, that I set up in Jan 2013. Since then, I have diligently posted a significant amount of info and provided a significant amount of support to people. 418 more words

People are weird.....I'm weird.....everyone is weird. My conclusion for today! I think?

I’ve decided I like weird.

Or ‘different’ – is probably the more ‘acceptable’ word.

I don’t have to accept the bad, harmful, abusive, lying, manipulative stuff. 86 more words

My strength is not my size!

This morning I had one of those aha moments. I have been overweight ever since I was sexually abused at age three. When I look at pictures from before age three, I see a very thin petite little girl. 392 more words

Nothing of human capacity, will undo, or fix the unmet childhood needs, or psychological damage, of severe childhood complex trauma.

Last night, was a bad night. Deep realisations, hurting like being beaten up, hurting every part of me. Depths of pain and emotions, that put me back into a fragile and dark place, that is only ever just below the surface. 1,104 more words

An emotion provoking post from my inner child's pain.

This post received emotional reactions on my community page and I feel so deeply for anyone, who has been through this….

It is bad enough to have even one person abusing you in childhood.. 180 more words