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Pain and PTSD, Facing the Fear.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Yes there is a reason that it’s complex. When I carry out physical labour, I can and sometimes over do it. Push myself that little bit too far and then I suffer a few days later with a flare up of absolute agony. 586 more words

Pain... It is Nasty

Good Morning folks

First of all I hope that you are all as well as can be expected.

When pain increases it doesn’t do it gradually it just increases. 273 more words


Chronic Pain is No Joke

Chronic pain is no joke

It has been a while since my left foot has been acting up. The last two days have been really bad. 623 more words


Tunneled Epidural Catheters {CRPS Treatment Chronicles}

I had my first Tunneled Epidural Catheter (TEC) at the age of 12. After Ketamine and other treatments failed to provide complete relief, my doctors decided to try this one. 1,009 more words


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome with Drop Foot Cured In Houston

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & Foot Drop Patient Testimonial

Listen to 20 year old Jessica as she tells her story of suffering with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome of her right hand & arm, that was progressively getting worse and spreading, since she was only 17. 267 more words

Enjoying Life

Hey Folks,

I hope that everyone is as we as can be expected, for those who are going through hard times with pain we all hope that it passes soon. 611 more words


You can see me, can you feel my pain?

All too often people are quick to judge. You can’t judge a book by its cover, people, individuals, all of us have our own story and I know of no one who has had life in easy street. 619 more words