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It's Only a Wheelchair

Ask yourself honestly, for those of you reading this who are able to walk about freely, how do you act towards a person in a wheelchair? 292 more words


Saturday Blog 9

I watched college football for the first time this season. I didn’t think I was going to wake up early enough for it because I usually forget. 1,127 more words


Taking the Good Days... With the Bad...

Hi everyone… I hope everyone is doing well, or a well as can be expected.

I’ve not updated you with news on the medical front for a while however it has been all go.   906 more words


The Red Wall

I’ve been looking at the same red wall opposite my couch for days on end.
It’s a good thing I like the red wall.

To the people who have noticed I’m gone, I say, “I’m just under the weather.” 639 more words

agitated ramble

I didn’t have therapy today. I was hoping a spot would open up but it never happened. Now I have to wait till Tuesday to talk to my therapist again. 958 more words


pain and sleep ramble

Got things done today

Last night I started the process of changing the bedding and sheets on my bed. See, half of my bed I use as my “office”. 849 more words


New Wheels!

Hi everyone – I hope you are all doing as well as can be expected, for those of you that are struggling or going through hard times, I hope it passes soon. 544 more words