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Day 13- Fuzzy Caterpillars

Day 13- Fuzzy Caterpillars

Leading up to my surgery, my dear friend from Easton, Pennsylvania would say to me how cool it’ll be, and would ask when I would be receiving my robot parts. 542 more words

Chronic Pain

Strength in Words

I’ve got a journal that I’m getting ready to share,┬áit’s just a matter of getting it organized and typing it up.

However, for now, I can tell you that this last week has been encouraging in many ways, and discouraging in some others. 379 more words

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

'Placebo therapy' ineffective for long-term chronic pain relief

December 11, 2014

Dr Andreas Goebel, from the University’s Institute of Translational Medicine, explains: We found that patients experienced significant pain relief minutes after a placebo therapy, such as salt water injections, but unexpectedly at a later time, and even with repeated placebo applications, there was minimal or no impact on reducing the symptoms of the condition.” 34 more words


Day 9- Squeaky Brown Chair

Day 9 Post-Op

I’m all set up in my living room. My parents rented me a lift chair – the kind with a clicker that reclines back but also inclines forward so I don’t have to lift myself up to get out of it or fall to get in. 927 more words

Chronic Pain

A Little About Me & The Purpose of This Blog

My name is Liz.. I’m simply a 24 year old woman living the dream. Most everything about my life is pretty darn normal.. I have a full time job as an office manager of a busy real estate company, a small photography business with my other half (who is the man of my dreams), a long-haired dachshund at home as well as a bonus Alaskan Husky that I inherited with my relationship. 447 more words

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

MAC AttacK!! Why it Still Matters...

I remember the first time I tried MAC lipstick-I believe I heard the angels sing! It was magical. Soon, I was completely addicted. All other lipstick, paled in comparison. 486 more words


See you on the other side!

It was New Years Eve.. I was sitting on the couch, next to husband, in big baggy sweats, watching the chaos that is December 31st in Times Square. 541 more words

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