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Moth & Flame

I begin to understand -

the agony of the pull

the command that rises up

and will not be denied -

that moth feels for flame… 170 more words

Art Of Diane Caudillo

"Unquestioned questions"

“The simplicity of complexity,
Astounds even the most scholarly.
While the complexity of simplicity,
Ridicules the most uneducated.

Does simple always need to be complex? 8 more words


30 July 2014 Training

3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1 not for time
CTB chin up
box jump high
A. press cluster 2. 2. 2. 2; rest 10sec/rest 3mins x 3… 125 more words


Dick Measuring Contest (with a stray idea)

Do you ever look at an old person and think “that’s what I have to look forward to?” myself and my spouse, god-willing we reach a combined age of 170, with our skin wrinkled and falling off the meat like baked chicken. 448 more words


The Beauty of the Complicated Life…

There’s only one thing in the world, which is complicated yet beautiful; LIFE.

Monday: Jostling with thoughts and memories about the weekend & the past life. 634 more words

Theam Based Flats In South Kolkata For The First Time.

Imagine your child spending most of the time with his favorite cartoon characters. Living a life that they like to live even in their dreams. Introducing The County – a Disney Inspired Lifestyle that gives your child a chance to experience a dream world. 407 more words


Building a Foolproof Navigation System: Fuzzy Logic Emulating the Brain

Our aim is to help build a machine that can reduce the possibility of mishaps in navigation to zero. For that devise a new system of numbers, in which the real numbers are represented on the y-axis and complex numbers on the x-axis. 150 more words