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Adventures of a Programmer: Parser Writing Peril XXXII

Building Numbers

While the parser slowly idles, another thing gets on the table: the numbers and how to handle them. 1,167 more words


Letters to Laura: Letter # 2

The Best Friend Complex

Dear Laura,

I can definitely say I’ve had several “best friends” throughout my life, but when I think back I don’t know how many of those friends would have called me their best friend at the same time.   479 more words


On being our 'real' selves

You know when you do something sporadic and one of your close friends immediately says something along the lines of “that was SO not you” and you just go with it and think,  205 more words

A reflection on what mirror reflects ...

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the slimmest of the all?

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the wrinkle free of the all? 1,455 more words


Mind, emotions and facade...

Its little past 11.30pm as I quietly snuck out of my room suddenly realizing thats it has been a while since I wrote. My boys are in deep slumber and the house is as peaceful as it can get. 405 more words

Gang Stalking - Perps who inhabit my world.

I wrote the other day about a man I call “Billy-goat”. He looks like one. This man has harassed me for 3 years now.  He used to live in the same complex I lived in before I moved to the complex I live in now. 579 more words