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AZ GOV Candidate keeps promise to ADC workers and do a Bus Trip to Complexes listed below

Do you want to meet the man who has taken a special interest in law enforcement and corrections?

Do you have questions for him? What about your concerns for the State of Arizona after the election. 64 more words


A Sketch of the Psyche

I was contemplating the idea of Jungian Complexes and Individuation, and was inspired to sketch out these diagrams.

In the top diagram, the Ego and the Anima/Animus is sharply divided, as the Ego pushes certain traits out of its awareness, and projects its Persona to the world. 118 more words


Dating & Self Image

So one might say that my entire life has been a dry spell. I haven’t had a date since May of 2013. Though there have been one or two encounters, like make out sessions and the like since then, I haven’t really done much in the way of romance in over a year. 694 more words