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Control and Overwhelment

I love the whimsy of the universe. In November last year I began asking myself the question, “where am I stuck?” The question was posed by eminent Jungian analyst James Hollis in his brilliant audio book Through The Dark Wood. 947 more words

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More Kettlebell Muscle + Kettlebell Burn Extreme = ?

Going to Florida on Easter Sunday and decided to do a hybrid of Kettlebell Burn Extreme for 2 weeks before I went down.  Vanity, vanity vanity.  710 more words

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Control and Planning

I am engrossed in planning my upcoming trip to Europe; I notice how much I enjoy the process. Sometimes I think I enjoy the preparation more than the actual experience. 495 more words

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Let's get cereal...


February 18, 2014 · by spencergarnold · in Deep Barbell. ·

A) Power Clean + Push Press + Power Jerk: 60/3+2+2, 65/2+2+2, 70/2+2+1*3 sets… 76 more words


Control and Resistance

Sometimes I think a good metaphor for my life is that of a nursery surrounded by a mystery. It seems that each time I leave the nursery to explore the mystery I am jettisoned back to the nursery again. 682 more words

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Control and Impatience

I am feeling content; I had just enjoyed a delicious ten days in Mexico, the weather was perfect; I had caught an early bus to the airport so had lots of time; I had no baggage to check and had checked in on line. 861 more words

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Oly! Yay!


February 17, 2014 · by spencergarnold · in Deep Barbell. ·

A) Power Snatch + OHS: 60/3+3, 70/2+2, 75/1+2*3 sets… 35 more words