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Goodbye to the 00's shopping trips..

As just a small town girl occasionally living in a lonely world, I was brought up with the tradition of visiting my local town centre every Saturday morning with my father. 563 more words


En avant pour une mission périlleuse !

Et voilà c’est la fin des vacances.. Durant ces deux mois tu t’étais fixés deux objectifs :

- Rentrer de nouveau dans cette petite robe taille 36 que tu aimes tant mais que tu ne peux plus fermer depuis 4 ans .. 75 more words

Changing of the Postal Service

Why do we have to change the postal system? The system the way it is has no problems, so why change it. This change to post office boxes instead of door-to-door, is going to be a severe problem with a lot of people, and especially for the employees. 304 more words

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A Sketch of the Psyche

I was contemplating the idea of Jungian Complexes and Individuation, and was inspired to sketch out these diagrams.

In the top diagram, the Ego and the Anima/Animus is sharply divided, as the Ego pushes certain traits out of its awareness, and projects its Persona to the world. 118 more words