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My smokey eye tutorial

I filmed one of my simple, smokey eye looks which is quite dramatic and defined but still very wearable… 26 more words

My Complexion Is Now Beautiful And I'm So Happy. It's A Miracle!

“Your creams are the best in the world. Thank you so much for making them. My complexion is now beautiful and I’m so happy. It’s a miracle! 53 more words


Cаtе Blanchett Reveals Her Sесrеt For A Glowing Cоmрlеxiоn

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Cаtе Blаnсhеttе uses emu оil to keep her соmрlеxiоn glowing

Cate Blаnсhеtt uѕеѕ еmu оil to kеер hеr ѕkin hуdrаtеd. 266 more words


The Body Shop - BORN LIPPY lipbalms

In these cold winter months I always suffer with dry, dehydrated lips and it’s one heck of a pain! But I have been really diggin’ these lip balms to rescue my lips … 113 more words

Future Beats

The recent trend in dance music seems to be a back to basics approach, the harder sound of EDM is starting to lose it’s way as deep house begins to make a comeback like Balboa in Rocky II. 573 more words


How to get smoother skin

How to get smoother skin

I have always envied people who have smooth skin, no pores, not even a tiny bump or mark, then looking at my face and thinking .. 216 more words

Beauty Rules I Live By

Looking after yourself is the key to many things, including a good complexion, strong nails and shiny hair. To keep myself in check, I live by a certain set of rules that I’ve picked up over the years either through suggestions, things I’ve read or things I’ve tried. 533 more words